Hello my friends it is Mcc. Velite, Chaz the Spaz, 121wer and I have created The Forsyth Militia. 121wer has been nominated leader of The Forsyth Militia. Top Lieutenants are Velite, Chaz, and I. The Forsyth Militia is a Military organization that can be called into defend against mobs or any other threat. We provide weapons and equipment but members must respond at a call.We are based in Forsyth City, but can be called upon globally. Rank listing:
Private: basic recruit, will receive stone sword and leather armor set
Corporal: Second rank will be awarded with a bow, some arrows, and use of some chests
Sergeant: Has some power over privates and corporals and has the ability to recruit
Staff Sergeant: Has power over all ranks under him
Sergeant Major: Has the abilities of all under him, and can demote Srg.-with approval from Lt+
Lieutenant: Has the power to demote anyone, and has the power to kick
Please message us for information, or post for join.
First to join will receive the rank of Sergeant.
We will post updates with information and the members list everyday.
Thank you.

extra said he wants to join he now is sgt. and the first one to join deal is now off

i am a lieutenant ;D

im a BOSSSSSSS and sarg but mostly a BOSSS

there is no rank as boss but i guess it can be a title

We shouldn’t really have Titles. Just stick to the ranking format. He can be a Master Sgt/Sgt Major.
As for the naming of that rank Sgt. Major is more appropriate because its like one of the highest attainable sergeant ranks.

Two new recruits:
Dexternator: Private

[right]Forsyth Militia[/right]

Dexternater: Private

Also as for rules on rankings
*Captain can promote up to lieutenant (Or give the position Captain to someone else)
If captain is somehow incapacitated/not able to fufill post, a new Captain will be voted upon by the Lieutenants
*Lieutenant+ can promote up to Sgt Maj.
*Other ranks cannot promote.

Edit: 121 already listed Dex. My bad. Extra should be Sgt Maj/Mast Sgt. Listed reasoning already; hes the first sergeant we enlisted.

i agree :stuck_out_tongue:

When the rollback is over i’ll purchase a lot of land from Fili to use as our militia HQ

Edit: Well they won’t be doing a rollback so ill just go ahead and try to buy a land area off of Fili next time i see him.

Just sayin, I approve of this militia. Wish you used Air Force ranking tough… I know those by heart.

How i figure this will work is that whenever theres a requirement for us to kill off a group of mobs/griefers/whatever the problem is,
(we could potentially be called in for other non-fighting jobs like the Army Core of Engineers perhaps)
The highest ranking member of the Militia on (hopefully an officer) will be in charge of gathering other members to go subdue the threat/accomplish the job.
Whomever has TPing abilities will teleport us to the site and we can carry out from there.
121wer, as captain, will speak for us on whole. We the lieutenants should work on accumulating supplies (Armor/Bows/Arrows/Swords) for storage at the HQ, as well as accumulating supplies to Build the HQ.

Also: Any ideas for what the HQ should look like design wise? I typically build cobble support stone walls with glass windows but the HQ should be based on the input of the group as a whole.

Notable: The Forsythian Militia is backed by VS-Co. through myself and by KT-Inc through Chaz_the_Spaz.

you can protect bamberly aswell if you wish

of course whu, just give any active members a call.also kyle we would have done some sort of military ranks but we are a small group and it would near impossible to have enough people, it would take really long to get to the top, and it would be a gaint mess and we would probably be unorganized. that was our reasoning for not doing it.

Kyle, we would have used the U.S Army rankings (I know them by heart) but they would have taken much too long to get very high. There are about 30 odd rankings and for someone to get promoted that high must need a whole lot of time. Considering that we are only a small militia.

This seems a good place to mention that, I am the server assassin xD I am situated in a ‘wool shop’ in Boom town. Speak to me there if you need any ‘problems’ taking care of. I may also be taking members into an assassins guild.

I just changed my skin to an assassin, does that count?

The Forsyth Militia is a bit contradictory to its name in the sense that we dont just protect Forsyth. We can technically be called Anywhere, its just that we are based in Forsyth and will have preference to areas that are closer to home, such as Bamberly.

In essense we are more of a Company than a Militia, but, O-well’.
Anyone wishing to join the Forsythian Militia should post on this page. We will assign you a rank.

SHADOWHAND1999 is a private

shadow is now officially in the militia