Forsyth milita

today while valo was on i have attacked forsyth milita.
whilst doing that i have taken all of its outposts.
for the moment there is no forsyth milita untill i get payed 500$ or
it is taken by force.
Am i allowed to do this? i will only take answers from a Mod+ and is not in forsyth milita

Well, if there were militia members online then if i remember correctly, Yes.

You can only take bases if the person who made them is online. None of the people who made those things were online, so no.

And, valo isn’t even in the Militia, so you couldn’t do it that way either.

I ask valo and he said he was a member of the forsyth milita and his name is on the inside of the base with the rest of the names

please rename this so the fourms will not be confused …

Brodur we had agreed there was no raiding until pvp was fixed

jgja, valo has his own faction. so if he was the only person online you thought was in the militia, no.

thisc was before he had made hi facction cause right when i said i have captured forsyth milita he said"i dont care much about forsyth milita so im going to make my own faction"
I watched him make it from the fort

hey i didnt help and i didnt make any of the forts im a private so i wasnt that into the faction, i didnt get invoved in this at all i am a bystander

Being the lowest rank in a faction is not a decider for whether you are interested or not. It just shows the amount of power you’ve come into possession of. Albeit being more interested is a direct requirement for obtaining higher ranks, it does not mean that being a private means you are of a low interest category. Any military organization has interested enlisted ranks and dull bored officers.

oaky i understand

I don’t care anymore so i am locking this topic