Forsyth 3.0?

It struck me that… I want to restart my city. Not out of douchebaggery, or because I don’t have enough time. But because it looks like shit. I’m starting to be able to build realistic roads, structures, etc. I mean damn look at the interchange!

I’ve been practicing on singleplayer and have been able to make a city with epic roads and downtown that looks similar to these:

Condominiums EXTREMELY SIMILAR to this! :

My favorite, I made a neighborhood that looks exactly like this:

As you see, I use Atlanta, GA as inspiration and I think I want to make a high detailed Forsyth that uses it as inspiration.

I’ve come a long way with my building skills, and I want to use them to create a high detailed, realistic city.

It will FEEL like a city.
OPERATE like a city.

New Forsyth.

lookin’ forward to it :smiley: , police station: realistic? EPIC. Also, i hate to advertise… but we need more officers! teehee!

We need more realistic stuff

I’m still Donator King of Forsyth


We should make an empire state building!

I’ll always miss old Forsyth, but the prospect of a newer and better version is also very appealing. Grab your picks and shovels :open_mouth:

Damn i wish i could use world edit…

Tbh I want forsyth to be legit or atleast have very few worldedit, something where we just build.

Well, not much ppl helping will probably have world edit so i guess it doesnt make much of a difference

Make sure you wait till 1.8 or it may not get transferred

Results: Demolish Forsyth.

Sorry to anyone who wanted it to stay… But to me I really want to use my new building skills, etc on a new city.

Hey, you know it will be epic so don’t worry.

Since this has been decided by fili, I’m going to go ahead and lock this thread.

Also, I think this makes a chance to make a much better Forsyth.


I assume by that you mean not continuing with it and not transferring it to the new map.