Forestry Mod?

I know the forestry mod has been removed from newer versions of Tekkit, and I’m sure there’s a reason, but I still think it would be cool to have the mod implemented manually hehe.

Would be nice to have and maybe on suv aswell?


Rippy, you should for one know at least, main server don’t do mods! Onleh pluginsh!

Bro, this is under tekkit…

i like this mod. i say adddddd

Yeah but… he said suv, suv means survivial… and we only have one other server with survival, the main one!
The great detective skills of Brodur at work.

Well what about the plugin that u cut 1 block of the TREE and the whole thing brakes… saves alot of effort and floating random logs coz people cba to cut the whole thing?

_ Rippor

The normal SMP is a mainly vanilla server. No mods/plugins that change gameplay really.

We shall see if this makes it into the new map, when that time comes around. Right now I need to work on the more essential things :slight_smile:


Because then every player has to download it.

I believe the ‘low down’ of it is that mods for tekkit will make more headaches for sip, Things like forestry however might slowly make their way into the server over time however. Sip will have to analyse the possible bugs that could come with the mod and see if there is a way around them. He would have to see the impact on the server to make sure it isnt too devastating and also ban items that may be potentially used wrongly. Things can be implemented but it would take work.

The main server is mod free (almost I believe), Spec and andy are trying to keep it as vanilla as possible with no hiccups with other mods. Whilst things like the moving mod, zepplin, chow chop can be cool mods they also can be hard hitters on server performance and dont keep to the vanilla flavour of minecraft so they will never be implemented on the main server.

In short; tekkit mods sure but could take time and needs to be approved by sip
main server mods no.

Oh man, now you have me wanting the zeppelin mod