I was wondering if I am allowed to use the fly mod? And if so, where would I get it? I had an issue today where there was a tall building and requested a tp and promptly fell to my death (I believe this was a accident) but I think it would make it easier on everyone’s part. It would also assist with construction.


Flymod is most definitely allowed, search flymod minecraft on google the first result should be something like Fly Mod 1.2.2 just click that and follow the link to get the newest version.

It’s the zombe one you want, it comes in a pack of mods, but the instructions for getting just flymod are good and very clear.

Thank you.

I’ll post once I get it.


IS teleporting allowed?

teleport is for trusted up only soz mate

Okay, well maybe someone can explain to me how to install fly. I’ve read the readme file 3 times, and watched a video on how to do it seeral times, and I still don’t get it.


The biggest thing I had forgotten when I installed it was to erase that folder from the Jar file. That, and to turn on the fly mod itself from the text file. You may want to edit the speed settings and activation button. Mine is set to be used with TAB.

META-INF is the thing in the jar file. delete that folder if you haven’t already.