Flora: Town of Mushrooms

I am delighted to announce the creation of PCB’s very first totally artificial mushroom island biome! Complete with mooshrooms.

My brand new town Flora is designed on the idea of a town of gnomes or smurf’s, built in a small mushroom island I created from what used to be a forest.

Thanks to Shadowmeire with a bit of WE magic it really is a mushroom island down to the biome, including mooshroom spawning. No stealing however, ask permission to capture our mooshrooms.

We will be opening its doors to new citizens in the next few days.

Flora is a province of the Farcoastian empire and protected by the FCA, thank you. Griefers and Mooshroom rustlers will be tnt cannoned.

it really is a nice town, just needs a bit of additional land added and it will be a fairly large town.

Shadow, y u left the game :<. lol

Nice town you got there!

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