Floating City

Should we build a giant floating city?Vote!

Which server do you plan on doing this on? Also, you know you don’t have to ask us if you can make a floating city.
I’m just going to add a poll since this kinda needs one. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes we should and call it Laputa =D

:stuck_out_tongue: My bad. XD

I think it’s a great idea and he asked because hell need help daaaa.

P.S. How do you put other peoples coments?


Click quote on their comment.

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You use the quote button. It’s right above the line separating the post from the title.
Also, XD
It seems as though i might not have been fully awake when i posted that :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds interesting :slight_smile:
EDIT:cant we just build it now then when 1.2 comes out just world edit it up?

If you do name it Laputa, it ha BETTER have a castle!

You may want to wait till after 1.2. I believe they said they were raising the max map height.

If we will build a floating city, we will wait for 1.2.


well duh! and right next to it we can put Skyloft from LoZ: Skyward Sword.

Yes! We shall build Skyloft (and possibly Termina and Hyrule) :smiley:

hey guys
hey guys
what if
what if we world edited
what if we world edited down to level 4
and made the terrain around it bend inward so it looks somewhat natural

Yes! We shall build Skyloft (and possibly Termina and Hyrule) :D

so i had an idea for the LAputa Castle. i had seen this a LONG time ago ( back in 1.5) and have never been motivated enough to do it, however it looks like a cool idea.
Minecraft Castle Defense System

But we need to finish it completely k

I remember watching this WAAAYYY back when. The only problem with it that i see is that it would be a hassle to set back up every time you set it off. Im sure there would be an easier or somewhat better way to make a good defense system with pistons, in fact i think i could rig one up some time if i needed to.

I have an example of a trap on creative just go to /warp boljefort

I would like to make some simple defences if I may? I will make some prototypes in ssp xD