flaminals - 6th of February, 2015


Minecraft Username flaminals

Date of Ban 6th of February, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Octopus

Reason for Ban Well I was kinda AFK! so sorry for not answering questions from staff… Im sorry I didn’t put afk but I was busy

Reason to be Unbanned Because I wasn’t being ignorant and rude
I was plainly rushed to do something sorry if you thought I was being a rude person as
I am not… Please may you unban me…

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.

You were surprised about how you couldn’t fly in survival. Have you ever been able to fly in survival?

Ehhh ok… I basicly will put it In detail I had to go and sort out my stuff for school so I was Absent for a while so if anyone wanted to ask me a question im sorry I didn’t answer I was afk I should have put in the chat AFK but I forgot to Theoctopus I wasn’t Onestly ignoring anyone.

Yours sincerely Flaminals…

Please answer Octo’s question flam :slight_smile:

Okay I litrully just sent the Answer and hes gone offline Pen
do you believe im a Ignorant person?

:c it makes me sad that they think im ignorant when im not…
im a nice person who listens when I can and I always are there for people…

Flaminals just reply what happened about you flying then a member of staff can unban
you and this can all be resolved so answer here in this forum.
That is if u r not guilty of anything

I did but I didn’t fly though iv explained it Time… Please just let pen know that iv answered it Please…

You won’t be unbanned until you answer my question, which you havent done.

Just answer the question below

What ok these are the answers I can think of

Question; Have I ever been able to fly in survival

Ehh No

  1. Idk if you can

Why then did you ask about why you couldn’t fly? And you weren’t afk, you were moving in game.

IDK oh… do you mean when the moment oh… that moment I got the completely wrong thing oops…

Ok il explain the other thing basicly I pressed play on the server (Before I went afk)

And I tried typing Hi and Hello hi everyone but it never came up… no one’s chat did nothing came up… so I moved around the mountain and type Hello>>>> again but still no sign of a chat…

Ok Fine ^.^ you cant fly in survival…

Just gunna butt in here, your inability to answer simple, clear questions is probably making your unban less likely. I for one didn’t know or care who you were before, but now I will remember you as that annoying kid who can’t read.

This thread is painful to read and follow.

Just answer the fucking questions please.

I have been trying the answer is No I haven’t been flying in survival… ever…

The Question is [size=18pt]WHY DID YOU SAY THAT? we know you shouldn’t be able to fly.

I remember you asked in the chat what was the command you had to type in order to fly in survival, and I answered you. Not sure if this is relevant…

Had you answered my question when I asked you, you wouldnt have been banned.

Had you answered my question when you somehow got on the server then I would have unbanned you.

But now, after the six PMs, inability to answer a simple question, lying and generally being hugely annoying, I will be unbanning you in two weeks.

Every additional PM you send me adds on 1 day.