Five Nights At Freddy's Roleplay Series.

Hello, for the players who don’t know about this…

Since June 27th 2016, the series have started with a video recorded in Portland, so one day when I showed to @zezamik and @IsabelleSN the first video, they said it was good and wanted to do a 2nd one and since that day the series was born, so when we made the second one it was hard to get it in good footage because of the people always failing on acting and all that. The 3rd one was made in North Arial/Budapest in September 1st and it was so good thanks to zezamik the editor and the cameraman of the series.

The 2 girls zezamik and Isa are not going to be online until Monday, so you guys If you wanna act, please do what I said because we were having trouble with the acting well and getting a good footage at the first place and by the way If you act like what we planned it out this is going to be uploaded to my YT Channel. Thanks for Your Time!


I wouldn’t mind participating in it again :slight_smile:

I want to participate too :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to keep on doing it if possible :slight_smile:

yeah i want to be in it! ;D

Ok so until Friday I’m planning to make a 4th episode about 5 years later (September 9th 2012) after Freddy creates chaos in Budapest to kill at his own to Andre, Dan and Swim who came into the city for tourism.


In 2012, Andre is living now in Portland with his friend Swim in an apartment in The Danforth. He is a worker on the Massholes Tower in East Downtown. Andre and Swim after work the 2 goes to metro to take the northbound to Market District where they have lunch in the restaurant Le Coq D’or (The Golden Peak) and another person that is a reporter of weather in PN24 and a friend of Andre and Swim of apartment, Ashley (IsabelleSN) goes to visit them in the same restaurant to talk about her work and her other friends. After talking and eating the 2 of them says their farewells and goes to the apartment for watch TV and other life stuff. 15 minutes later, Ashley with fear calls to Andre to say that a violent creature is causing panic in the PN24 building and Andre turns on the TV and it seems like It’s Bonnie behind the breaking news table killing the reporter who is giving the report of people injured by a spirit and when she killed him, she caused a jumpscare and broke the camera causing static of Signal Lost and the phone was hanged up (of course Ashley hanged up to escape from the building that Bonnie was following her). After that Andre called the police and the ambulance to say that Bonnie is killing the staff and the police said where and the other said in the PN24 Building. 12 seconds later Swim and Andre goes to the Downtown to see if Ashley is in there. Ashley escapes from the parking to run into Andre and Swim and the police arrived to close the building until further notice and the investigators goes to the building to kill Bonnie but this breaks the window and arrives striking the street and killing the officers. The 3 friends hides in the Koala Inc. and gets weapons to fight with Bonnie but Bonnie leaves the District for more killing but behind her, Andre shoots her in the back causing an anger issue and runs to kill him but when 5:59 AM changed to 6:00 AM, Bonnie yelled so hard that turned off. After getting day Andre, Swim and Ashley takes Bonnie to the trash and goes home.


ItzAndre_13: Andre
SwimGirl_: Swim
IsabelleSN: Ashley


Wolfiea_: Bonnie

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Andre where am I? :o

So I’m the waitress at the restaurant? How is she an antagonist?

Bonnie is a antagonist because she appears in the middle of the roleplay lol.

You just disappeared in Budapest.

No, I mean the waitress. What will she do in order to be classified as an antagonist?

Ok, first of all the waitress is not a she is a he. Second: the waitress is just going to be a character, not an antagonist. I was wrong…u

Am I gonna appear in future or will I be dead or something?

Andre surely Ely will be a waiter if the characters gonna be a a man, not a waitress

Ok, got it (:

Ok, today’s the rp.

All actors should be here in any moment. :slight_smile:

Welp, maybe tomorrow will be making the rp. Today wasn’t a good day to do it, but maybe the next one will be a good day

Ok, guys.

Swim won’t be here for a while. That means I’ll have to find a person so you could replace Swim.

Is someone there that can do the paper of Swim?

Sorry is this is a bit late but when will the next episode be? :-\

Sorry, zeza but, I’m cancelling this episode until further notice. :frowning: