Fishy_mole1: 17/12/11

Minecraft Username: Fishy_mole1
Approximate Date of Ban: 17/12/11
OP Who Banned You: Hard24get

Reason for Ban: Steal another players crops and accused of killing farm animals.
Reason for Unban: Wish to become unbanned beacuse I have been a member of PCB for neally 12-Months and stealing a bit of weat dos’nt deserve a perma-ban.
Server: Survival

I defiantly thinking farming some crops is not not worth a ban, Unless you did not replant them. Or they are in a important place. Any who waiting on hard to give his side.

He broke zings fence, and from what it looked like, either killed or let out zings animals

While it isn’t worth something to be banned for, you might want to think twice before doing something like that again. It’s possible that the animals have glitched out, this occasionally happens and the only way to prevent, as far as I know, is using blocks that are not fences.

Has he not been banned before?

He has as I recall. Not sure about letting him back.

I say we unban him :smiley:

I’ve banned him before, for griefing BigCity (1.7.3), and possibly pillaring. I’m very hesitant on unbanning him.


Zing first of all only staff are really supposed to reply to ban appeals. Secondly banning for taking and not re-planting crops is ridiculous Zing. Please think before you comment.

As I did not ban him I have nothing else to say as I don’t know Fishy.


Idk, he has been banned before

ka -

The only regular users we want posting in Ban Appeals are eye witnesses or players somehow involved with the banned player in question.

Quote From NekTM

Fishy has indeed been with us for at least half a year. I remember him before my vacation and I don’t really recall any problems with him. I actually find it silly he would start griefing now all of a sudden after being with us for so long. I believe it’d be in our best interests to look the other way this time and give him a slap on the wrist and warn him not to do it again.

I mean for fucks sakes, it’s just some crops.

Is this a joke? If fishy_mole can be banned for farming and letting out animals, then I’m surprised I haven’t been banned for being Filipino!

Is this sorted? I say unban then lock the topic as soon as he has been.

Hard’s the one who banned him, and he even said he believes he should be unbanned. It’s his call and it’s pretty obvious his call is to unban him.

Hard, please unban him and lock this thread when you’re done.

How does one grief Bigcity if It has protection by barriers that fix anything after being destroyed?

^yeah :/. Anyways. An unban would be nice guys :smiley:

Big City is not protected by a zone.

You’ve been unbanned. Topic locked