First Minecraft 1.10 Snapshot!

Snapshot 15w14a has been released! 1.10 will be the ‘Love and Hugs Update’. Mojang has a blog post, which I’ve put here:

It’s been a while, but we’re ready to announce the theme of the next update and finally give you guys the first peek at what we’ve been working on for the last few months! We’re pretty excited and I hope that you will be too. Let’s get to it! Minecraft 1.10: The Love and Hugs Update We thought long and hard about what the next update should be about. Over the last few years we’ve touched everything from survival to creative, monsters to blocks, overhauled the world itself and the way people play in it. It took us a while to come to a conclusion on where we should branch out next, but with some help of some recent public criticism we realized the true direction we should be taking with this truly inspirational game. It is well known that Minecraft is played by all ages, we’ve met kids as young as 3 to adults in their 90s. As much as this continues to impress us, we’ve realized that this puts us in a special position with certain responsibilities that we should uphold. We are in a very unique position to make a difference to the world and we have decided to accept this new role in society. We’ve thought long and hard about this, but we finally feel happy to announce that we are now changing the general direction of the game Minecraft. Starting from the next update we will be focusing on the things that make life worth living, promoting healthy relationships with the environment and its inhabitants. You may have been wondering why we’ve not released any snapshots in some time. This was done with the best intentions in mind, and we’ll try to explain why we made this choice. We realized that sharing snapshots was very unfair to those that didn’t want to get update spoilers by not using snapshots, so we then decided to cancel the snapshot release cycle. In later meetings we realized that this decision itself was unfair to those who did want to be spoiled, so we decided to bring them back. However, we then came to the conclusion that withholding snapshots was unfair to those who did want to see snapshots, and sharing snapshots was unfair to those who didn’t want to see snapshots, this put us in a very hurtful position in regards to our new Equality Policy. After a long debate, we came to the final conclusion which should make everybody equally happy/unhappy: We’ll release snapshots, but only after we’ve already added everything. This way, those who didn’t want to see snapshots will be upset because they will see snapshots, and those who want to see snapshots will be upset because they won’t see snapshots until it’s very late, and then those who didn’t want to see snapshots will be happy because those who did want to see snapshots will be unhappy, and then those that did want to see snapshots will be happy because those that didn’t want to see snapshots will be unhappy. Or something. We’re still discussing this, we’ll get back to you with our final findings. Get the snapshot To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “Snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog). Cross-platform server jar: [url=][/url] Changelog Gameplay [ul][li]We have removed the ability to directly harm other creatures. You should be rewarded for helping, not hurting.[/li] [li]Removed Health and Hunger. We feel that these are not appropriate gameplay mechanics for a game about love, sharing and peacefulness.[/li] [li]Added a new “Love” meter. This fills up the more you help others, and others help you.[/li] [li]“Survival” mode has been renamed to “Existence”.[/li][/ul] Animals [ul][li]Bats are now 20% cuter. Squeek.[/li] [li]Chickens can now be ridden by any player less than two blocks tall.[/li] [li]Cows will now alert you to important events that you may have missed by means of an audible notification.[/li] [li]Pigs can no longer fly, but can now climb on walls.[/li] [li]Rabbits are fluffy.[/li] [li]Sheep will, if asked nicely, share their wool to keep you warm.[/li] [li]Squid changed, but we’re still trying to figure out how or why.[/li][/ul] [s]Monsters[/s] Inhabitants [ul][li]“Monsters” are no longer named as such. The preferred term is “Inhabitants”, as they live in this world just like you or me.[/li] [li]Steve and Alex have realized that the inhabitants are not evil, and just want to hug and get along.[/li] [li]Creepers no longer explode. They have gotten over their nervous disposition and are much more friendly once you get to know them.[/li] [li]Skeletons have revealed themselves to be very efficient farmers, having a permanent source of bone meal on them at all times.[/li] [li]Blazes are actually pretty cool guys and will defend you from harm.[/li] [li]Guardians have put aside the initial misunderstanding, and now welcome you into their home with arms… erm… eyes… wide open.[/li] [li]Ghasts are no longer frightened so easily, and will offer you rides throughout the nether.[/li] [li]Slimes are now pretty fun to hang around with, sharing their secret jumping abilities to those that will listen.[/li] [li]Witches are super friendly and surprisingly knowledgable. They will help you by sharing their potions.[/li] [li]Zombies are extremely cuddly and love to hug.[/li] [li]The Wither has been replaced with his lovable pink counterpart, promoting vitality and nourishment to the environment around him.[/li][/ul] Weather & Environment [ul][li]Removed rain as it upset a lot of players.[/li] [li]Falling snow has a chance to make exposed chests mysteriously full of goodies at midnight.[/li][/ul] Villagers & Villages [ul][li]Trading has been rebalanced. We felt that the previous incarnation wasn’t very fair, and believe the new system is a step towards helping fix this.[/li] [li]Villagers will offer you help in picking up items or blocks, in exchange for a small fee for their services.[/li] [li]Iron Golems can appear as a manifestation of the village’s love for you.[/li][/ul] Blocks [ul][li]Lava has been replaced with liquid cheese. It’s delicious and much safer![/li] [li]TNT has been replaced with a much friendlier block: A love bomb.[/li][/ul] Items [ul][li]As we no longer have a hunger system, food items now give Happiness instead of Saturation.[/li] [li]Carrot on a Stick has been removed. It was just cruel to pigs and we are very sorry for this.[/li][/ul] Combat [ul][li]Bows no longer require arrows.[/li] [li]Shooting things makes them fall in love with the first thing they see.[/li] [li]Removed combat.[/li][/ul] World generation & terrain [ul][li]Dungeons have been replaced with homes, offering a much more inviting and comfortable experience for everybody.[/li] [li]All caves have been checked by the Minecraft Safety Committee to ensure a safer experience for players.[/li] [li]Desert temples no longer contain TNT traps, and come with a nice, safe way to access the bottom floor.[/li] [li]Some cliff edges may be lined with fences to avoid accidents by the unwary traveller.[/li] [li]Jungle temples are no longer trapped, containing instead a new rare Golden Creeper to reward exploration.[/li][/ul] Potions [ul][li]Some potions such as Strength or Harming have been removed, as we no longer have a place for them in the game.[/li] [li]Added four (4) new potions: [list] [li]Love Potion[/li] [li]Happiness Potion[/li] [li]Potion of Sharing[/li] [li]Potion of Caring[/li] [li]Fun Potion[/li] [/list] [/li][/ul] Transportation [ul][li]Horses can no longer be ridden as this was deemed unfair to the horses. [list] [li]In compensation to the horses, they can now ride on your shoulders.[/li] [/list] [/li] [li]Minecarts now have a fluffy pink interior.[/li] [li]Added obsidian boats which are impossible to break.[/li] [li]Improved regular wooden boats.[/li] [li]Added dirt bikes.[/li] [li]Ender pearls no longer transport you to the target, but instead the target to you.[/li][/ul] Weather & Environment [ul][li]Added rain back as it soothed a lot of players.[/li] [li]Falling snow has a chance to make exposed chests mysteriously full of goodies at midnight.[/li][/ul] Game Settings [ul][li]Not everybody had the same experience playing Minecraft under different configurations, so we decided to remove all the graphical settings.[/li] [li]You may now only have one world, in order to reduce fragmentation and to treat all worlds as equals.[/li] [li]Some resource packs were prettier than others, giving some players an unfair advantage in the amount of fun they were having. This has been fixed.[/li][/ul]

To download this go onto your launcher, create a new profile called ‘Snapshots’ and cick ‘Enable Experimental Versions’

Don’t know if I should actually try that or if this is just an april’s fool…

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There is actually a snapshot in the launcher!

If this is true, I actually am not
playing Minecraft anymore.
They have ruined it.

It’s true

I’m very pleased with how far Minecraft has come. Thanks, developers!

April fools day is the stupidest excuse to start acting like morons jesus christ

Yup. Agreed xD

This snapshot has some cool stuff though. Over time snow generates on the ground, eventually turning the ground into a QR code. When you scan this it gives the text ‘Minecraft 1.9: The Combat Upgrade’


Hope it isn’t like Runescape’s Evolution of Combat… ugh.

So Caute

Give me bombs, AIDS infected syringes, 3 Russian hookers a big bag of meth.
Fuck yo’ hugs, fool!

But hugs, tho.

Hug bombs.

Dinnerbone has confirmed on twitter that the snapshot was a joke but the title for 1.9 was real

Guys don’t you see this is mojang making fun of Turkey because Minecraft was banned in their country because the “violence” and it was generally accepted as a game that all ages play. I think that Mojang should just release this imaginary version to Turkey just because.

Of course we do. And no, it wasn’t banned in turkey, it was just reccomended that action be taken.

Oh ok octo thanks for the update