First day of work :D

Today was way diff from what i first thought it was gona turn out to be. I got into the new programs and nearly finished my tutorial stuff. Then a package arrived, only about the size of a dang rhino!!! :stuck_out_tongue: This thing was nearly a ton in weight! When they where unloading it it took us maybe half an hour to get it off the truck. Then a good 2 hours longer to get it outa the box and set up. This thing is MASSIVE!!! IT’S A FREEKIN LASER MACHINE!!! :o

This is the dang machine, it is HUGE!!! Like standing next to a rhino!!!

here is the leftovers of the box.

Last but deff not least, this is the dang laser. INSANE!!!

Tell me what you all think of this, “first day” XD :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Aww nothing’s showing up :frowning: Try using imgur or dropbox.

Sorry bout the pics being broke, i was in a hurry to go get some food after that massive move. XD The pics may be a bit big, but dang that machine was way huge. Just imagine a rhino standing next to that machine, it is almost the same size as a rhino or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, is that a laser printer?!?

It’s not a laser printer, its an ingraver. :smiley: It uses the laser to carve out the wood and many other materials. I have been working on some art with the computer that will be done on that some time soon. Soon as the art if finished, i will try to get a pic of it and show all of yall. :wink:

From what i have been told, it is gona be used to cut the wood and cut out some parts, it will also possibly be used on steel, plastic, glass, and many other things. So much stuff to do, with such a HUGE machine. XD


what about arms

…So what’s your new job?

My school had one of them, they can be quite difficult to use but then again I am dumb lol, I hope you build some epic stuff with it.

Well i make the pics that this thing uses to make objects. So right now i am just getting the hang of some art tools and stuff that will be used on this program.

Ahh good old laser cutter :smiley: I used one all the time last year in tech, I was doing electronic product design, made a reaction timer type game, a bit like electronic slaps if you know what that is.

That’s one hell of a tool you got there. With great power comes great responsibility.

Seriously, is the job just loaning this to you? How much is that thing worth?