First Annual Server-Wide PCB Creative 1.12 City Wiki Page Contest™!

It’s contest time! As you know, the PCB Wiki is nowhere near comprehensive on current Creative 1.12 cities, and if there’s no page for your city, how will it be remembered? In an effort to catalog all cities on the 1.12 map, we’re hosting the First Annual Server-Wide PCB Creative 1.12 City Wiki Page Contest™! It couldn’t be any easier for you to enter this one, just create a page on the Wiki for your town, write a bit about it, and reply to this post with a link to the page! You can spend 10 minutes or 10 hours on the page, all entries will be considered.


  • Contest runs from now until 10:00pm EST on July 15th
  • To enter, simply reply to this thread with a link to the page(s) you’ve made
  • Your article must be in the “Creative 1.12 Towns” category
  • Pages will be “graded” by MrMuffinFish, and the five players with the highest cumulative score will go further to whole-staff review and voting
  • Existing wiki pages are eligible for entry if at least one new, substantive edit is made :slight_smile:


  • Forum badges for the top 3 pages
  • First prize gets a wiki page all about you and your win!
  • Other prizes TBA

How to have a high scoring page:

  • Include images and other visual aids for your city!
  • Write objectively, like a historian would.
  • Be creative! Include lore, history, geography, maps, surveys, census data, you name it: the more detail, the better. Make a video even. Some music. Multiple interconnected pages? Idk, go nuts.
  • Full rubric here

Help and tips:

  • Look at existing Wikipedia pages for real life cities like Houston or Los Angeles for inspiration!
  • Use this link ( to upload photos! (follow the instructions at the top of the page to include a file in a page)
  • Create an article using the tool under the “Create an Article” heading on the main page (
  • To add your page to the list of Towns, click the three-lined icon on the toolbar in the top right, select “Categories”, and begin typing “Creative 1.12 Towns” in the “Add a category field”. Select “Creative 1.12 Towns” and save changes: your page is now categorized and easy to access!

Note: If you have multiple cities, you can (and should!) create multiple pages! Scores will be cumulative, but to keep everything fair, scoring for multiple cities will go like this:
(First city’s score) + (Second city’s score)/2 + (Third city’s score)/3 +… etc.


If i knew how to wiki i’d be down, but i have NO CLUE what im doing so rip me

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Luckily the wiki uses VisualEditor, so it’s basically like a normal document editor.

There’s some useful resources here to learn how to wiki

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Awesome, thanks for taking the initiative @MrMuffinFish :heart:


It’s time for the first contest top tip™. Infoboxes!

So for those of you who don’t know what an infobox is, it’s the box containing info(rmation) that you sometimes see in the top corner of a wikipedia article, like this:


Currently we have two infobox templates on PCB Wiki: Infobox Player and Infobox Town. As this is a towns competition I’ll be showing you how to use the town infobox, but the player infobox works in pretty much the same way.

Step 1: Make sure you’re using the VisualEditor

The VisualEditor has this big bar at the top:

The source editor looks like this:

To swap between the two, use the “Edit, Edit Souce” or “Create, Create Source” tabs at the top of the article.

Step 2: Place the Infobox

Make sure your cursor is at the beginning of the article. If it’s not then your infobox will appear down the page rather than right at the top like you want.

Click the Insert menu, then search for “Infobox Town” in the search box. It is case sensitive so watch out.

Click the suggestion, then the Add Template button.

Step 3: Filling it out

Name: Enter the name of your town

Image: The filename of an image you’ve uploaded, follow the instructions here if you’re not sure how to do that. DON’T include the File: prefix! Make this a nice image that shows how your town is unique, ideally someone should be able to look at that image and remember your town.

Screenshot alt: A description of what’s in the image

Caption: Text to be displayed below the image

Founder: Who started the town, if it’s more than one person put <br> between the names, like this: Jim<br>Gary<br>Larry

Map: Which map this town was in. Enter “[[Creative 1.12]]”. This will make it a link to the page (which doesn’t yet exist, but don’t worry about that!

Now click the big blue Insert button at the top right, and you’re done! Make sure to save your changes.


Remember, for a city to have a Wiki-page doesn’t it need to have a warp?

Im entering my page for Savoie Maritime, I’m not 100% done yet but you can see what I have so far :smiley:

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I didn’t know if that was a specific rule or not, but I think any wiki activity is good wiki activity, warp or no! :smile:

Places with warps are a higher priority than those without, but if it’s a town that exists on the map then it’s okay to write an article about it.

As a side note, can we make sure that articles use the proper style of headings. The top-level sections should be the “Heading” style, then under that “Sub-heading 1” and so on. This means that the wiki software can generate a table of contents with the right style. Here’s an example from an older article on PCB Wiki (this is actually a really good article all-round). Also please don’t manually make the headings bold, that’s done automatically.

I’ll make sure for proper headings to be worth a couple extra points, formatting is an incentive folks! :wink: :smile:

Heck yeah

Remember that you won’t be entered into the competition if you don’t post a link to your thread here!

Here we go with Grantville:

Camarion is now entered!

here comes deneira

Here’s mine:
There’s not much on it but not many people have submitted theirs so maybe I have a chance.
PS I suck at making wiki pages.