Minecraft Username: Finlays_chuchuk

Date of Ban: 26-10-2019

Banned by: Emfitty

Reason for Ban: Redstone loop/lag machines

Reason to be Unbanned: Well I love PCB and after a month of twiddling my fingers and having motivation to spend building my city, I decided to come back and try another appeal because maybe things have changed. It’s sort of a 50/50 opinion here, I was scared socks-off when I left 10000 minecarts roaming around, but I promise I can do something good! I apologize and swear to make my PCB good, without having my heart beat so fast! Those lag machines weren’t meant to lag, I thought they were broken anyway so I “let it fly” that is regret of mine :/. Please god bless I need friends to play with online. I would make a monologue out of this but I know you wouldn’t like that, so I set up


Previous appeals: once for ‘accidentally’ impersonation staff

If you are serious about your appeal this time, tell me what you’ve learnt from all this.

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I am seriously feeling it excited, but scared to do anything BUT build epic stuff and no automatic things. I feel better and patient, to wait 1 month for the savior to come.
I learn that maybe I should pay ACTUAL careful attention to anything sketchy, (via reading some rules, or asking staff) There is a better way to cure some boredom, than messing around. After 2 months total time, I think this might be most understanding.
Big grateful thanks! : )

Messing around isn’t the issue. You broke multiple rules. Do you at least know which rules you even broke?

Also one months isn’t really all the patient Fin, we’ve had players wait years, I don’t really think you’ve matured or become more patient from this. If that’s the case why should I unban if Nothing’s changed? You’ll just do it again.

You have been given so many chances Finlay, it feels like you’ve only just started to remotely take this seriously.

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Yeah I understand what you mean, it is very hard not to sound immature but I know these things are true. I just can’t put them into words and, now I am getting the hang of it. Tightrope I ‘feel’ it but not trying to spam. I said I read to rules more often.

sorry if this sounds like a repeat of what I said before.

Basically I will be same as last, but only build. No commands. No rule breaking especially. No begging. I’m trying to speak I understand but the words are a bit not what it would be like to talk to me. This doesn’t feel serious so it’s just a draft.

To be honest whether you sound immature or not isn’t the issue. You are young, I don’t expect you to sound like an adult.
The only thing I’ve been expecting of you this entire time was:

  • Take this seriously its not a joke or a meme.
  • To Understand what you did wrong.
  • Make some form of change or mature a little from the experience.

I’m glad that you started to take this all seriously in the end but I’m still incredibly disappointed with you Finlay. You’ve been on the server for 2 and a half years and you never even read the server rules. You can understand why I’m disappointed in this right?

I’m just starting to think you do know what you’ve done wrong but in your original appeals you made so many excuses. You blamed Atro city and the other players in it, you blamed it on lag etc. No matter how much you’ve changed I’m not sure you’ve changed to the point where you recognise your mistakes. Look at the appeal itself:

You weren’t banned for accidentally doing anything. YOU.DID.IT. You have a tendency to try and deflect, cover up or make excuses for the things you do. I don’t think you’ll improve until you can learn to admit you made a mistake and then start working to correct it.

I am proud of you for taking some time off, learning some patience and reflecting on what you’ve done but I’m not convinced unbanning you will lead to anything other than you getting banned again in a few months. You may have changed some but I don’t think its nearly enough.

In summary, I acknowledge your effort and the time you’ve put into changing but until you can stop making excuses for yourself I think it would be better you remained banned.

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