FINALLY things are starting to look up!

So, ive come up witha plan to escape this hellish paradise that so many people call Florida, and go back home to NC where i belong!

My plan is to accumulate 3k in a year and a half, find an apartment up home, use that money to pay a couple months of rent.

Move into said apartment, and have my old boss help me with a job with ATT or Verizon when i move up there, as he has super connections with both companies.

Phase one of said plan will hopefully be starting Saturday, as i have obtained an interview with HH Gregg! =D Nothing special, just selling phones for Verizon through them again! but at least its a start and something im fully used to and know how to do it from the get go!

My life is rubbish… college has finished and I all but gave up on passing the course for university so now I’m a jobless bum with no money. I have to claim benefits of £53 a week until I find a job :frowning:

psssh its not even that hot in Florida right now. Take it like a man! Beat the Heat, Miami Heat that is. :I IDK I’m just rambling, anyway HF in your boring old NC.

Oh, come on. I live in WASHINGTON! I haven’t seen sun in days, and it’s raining right now! D:< I wish I could live in a sunnier place… xD

hell no. omg its too sunny here… either that or thunderstorm central.

Britain. Weather. Stfu.