FiliBuilds HQ

We will be looking to open an HQ soon… It will be the same design as this hi rise:

I used to live in Cincinnati, OH and I loved this tower, very sleek look and the crown especially. I will be opening an HQ in either: CorraVista, WestSpur, Atlanta, or OrcaVille. I will have a poll and the city with the most votes gets this epic HQ added to its epic or failing skyline. The reason this will get a poll is because the city which gets this will see constant transportation network updates, new constructions, and mostly continued growth even after I really start roaring Interstate 20 towards Atlanta (Once I pass up WestSpur).

Do not freak out, what I said about benefits will apply to every city, but not until they get a Filibuilds Hi Rise in their city. This is to see who will get those benefits FIRST and who gets the most benefits. The HQ benefits are better because cities who simply have a FiliBuilds hi rise besides the HQ will ONLY see UPDATES to transportation networks and NO NEW CONSTRUCTION OF TRANSPORTATION NETWORKS or BUILDINGS, this will remain MAINLY the city owners job.

Votes coming SOON once all city owners are informed, get ready, and be sure to have a reason why your city deserves it when I open the thread.

  • Filipenis.

Will this new company handle redstone engineering? or do I have to go and remake Redstone Inc. ? :smiley:

Yeah, I don’t do redstone whatsoever so Redstone Inc will be needed…

I believe that OrcaVille should receive this new HQ for 2 main reasons; infrastructure and imput by the mayor.

 My first reason is that most cities seem to be built and then left alone. Granted they are well done but in OrcaVille I continue to work on OrcaVille creating a vast metropolis. This includes creating utilities and emergency services for residents. Together with Fili we have created a power line, and by my own accord have made a working sewer system which is being repaired to expand to all of the vast area of OrcaVille. 

 I also have a long-standing building relationship with Filipenis. I have worked with Fili since Forsyth (2.0)? and was instrumental in Original Atlanta's main road which included Orca Tower and KT INC Tower. This has expanded to include the New School, Fili's new town in SMP, Airport, OrcaVille Expansion and Highways and helping to fill in parts of incomplete CorraVista Highways. 

 My city may not be the biggest or best but everyday I continue to try to improve it. OrcaVille started out as a small one street town and I have worked mostly by myself to expand it to its 1.8 size. Throughout 1.0 Filipenis was able to expand this much further and has incorporated a realistic road system into OrcaVille as well as building shops and other things. 

  I hope you have had time to read this post but if have not read the entire thing let me sum it up. I believe OrcaVille deserves this HQ because I continue to work on making OrcaVille better while other cities lie, have a strong building relationship to Fili, and OrcaVille has significantly grown since the start; a one road town.

Thank you and please vote for OrcaVille!


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Well I think WestSpur should have the FiliBuilds HQ becuase it is a thriving ghetto town with PCB’s only Soccer team and full scale stadium, and it also has PCB’s first ever ring road, which I think is a major achievement. WestSpur is a thriving neighbourhood with vast towers in a close-nit community. Currently work is taking place on the roads and on some of the buildings and especially on the stadium. Of which I hope will be the centre piece of the town. I would also like to expand WestSpur after the ring road is completed and look to build suburbs and cheap, affordable homes for the masses. This will not only make my town bigger, it will and a community aspect and character aswell. Thank you.

[size=10pt]Oh hi, I see Filibuilds is looking for new grounds to build its first and official HQ high-rise. As owner of Corravista, I am pleased to say we are always growing, reworking and improving. Corravista was first opened to fellow members in hopes of bringing outside commerce in the first place. We have, what like 3-4 builds in Corravista that were not created by myself, and these builds have since been here. Transportation first started right by Corravista and it was a plan to create a transportation HQ in Corravista, however with other plans throwing themselves at us, this has since been cast aside and now with FiliBuilds, this plan has came back. This Hq is calling to be built in Corravista and I believe that it would look it’s best looking with the city skyline. (with the eception that it is in the process to remove one build that was never fully built on).

Why does Corravista deserve this marvelous HQ? As I had stated, Corravista is all about commerce and commercial. Corravista was also the first official city made in this new map. Dragonville and Sacropolis being disregarded here since they would have counted as a medevil town. Also disregarding Big_City since it’s original intention was to be built by the mighty and the great _Andy. Corravista has since been a growing area, current modification plans include the creation of a new strip mall instead of intended plans for an office park, also the current football field is being removed so in place a bigger and better footbal field can be created. Lastly, Corravista presents it’s suburb Riverside, with its headlining attraction Six Flags Corravista.

My Final thoughts. I do not believe it should be built in Westpur because as it is currently growing with intense towers with no purpose it does not make any sense to have one tower in westspur that serves a purpose, especially since Idon’t know of any towers purposes in that city. As for Orcaville, I do not think it should be built here because I think that it just does not match the proper enviorment to be built in. Since Oraville has had a major re-modification to it’s look, I do not think Orcavill needs any commercial (especially since it’s further out from everything else.) I do however think that Orcaville would radther benefit from new living areas. With this said, I realize now that Corravista doesn’t have much housing MAINLY because it is surrounded by business itself and that’s just what we’d like to continue building upon.

And that is why you must allow this marvelous HQ to be built in the Corravista District.

Hmm very very good posts… Especially from CherryRed and Ka… Will be hard… polls are up for ANYONE to vote!

GO KA!!! xD

While Cherry may believe that OrcaVille (and that is ORCAVILLE not Orcavill) would benefit only from living areas I would disagree. For realism a city must have a central business district as well as suburbs. So you see readers OrcaVille needs this to establish a firm CBD and then focus on expanding our borders! Fili’s HQ would bring great economic benefits to OrcaVille which allows for cheaper housing and money to be spent from exisiting infrastructure that comes with FiliBuilds HQ. So you see readers, OrcaVille needs this building to establish a sold Central Business District!

Thank you,


This is a damn tough decision since both Ka and Cherry have excellent credentials. One thing to note is that Fili said he would be building a high rise in each city that wants one. Thus, both can get a piece of Filipenis.

I feel the one to get it first should be based on the location each city has to offer for its construction. The land should fit Fili’s ideal location as best as possible. Ultimately, it should be Fili’s decision.

With your permission fili, would I be able to tag along and build Redstone Inc.'s HQ in the same city that is chosen here? and have it built by filibuilds?

Ladies and Gentlemen (mostly the men) Realize this. Which city are you more likely to come across in your travels? The answer is simple. Transportation can lead us anywhere, however it’s just what we’d like to think about Oraville. Corravista is in a central location with plenty to offer, and much more as it is ALWAYS building on, ever since the start. So what you must realize is this, because this is what it all comes down to. In terms of the area, do you think this HQ belongs somewhat far out and not in a central location, or would you radther it belong in the center of it all, where transportation methods are ALWAYS being built upon further. And that is why Corravista must have this HQ, because a HQ belongs in the center of something big, which doesnt describe Corravista any further.

Wow much debate here, this is no surprise since this will extremely benefit the person who wins with continued services and many other things on a large scale!

I know I forgot to mention this but whatever option gets up to 10 votes wins.

I might aswell give up… I have shit reasons and I didn’t know these guys were taking it so seriously…

Keep trying to get more people convinced, advertise the vote for your town on the server and list some better and more serious reasons here!

8-3 for OrcaVille Please Consider to Vote for OrcaVille my followers!

People better start campaigning HARDCORE if they wish to keep up with ka_52 as he is about to win…

Construction on the hi rise will begin approximately 1 month after the vote is complete. Effects of the tower will not be in effect until hi rise is COMPLETELY finished. This means when it is finished ANY projects on any other city will be brought to a halt other than the HQ city until a Filibuilds branch is made in a city that wants more development.

Now, I have changed my mind about something…

The person who gets the HQ first effects are still applied, but as for the branches… Votes for branch constructions of Filibuilds will not start until the Atlanta loop highway (285) is started. This means the HQ gives the winner a HUGE head start with development and a beautiful hi rise to add to their skyline…

Also another thing I am changing with the Filibuilds branch effects are that the same effects of having an HQ in your city will apply… So no inequality, aka continued development in your city so it won’t just magically die.

So if you want a HUGE head start, you gotta win this! Keep those votes comin’ people!

Thank you all for voting for whom you wanted and to those who voted for OV you rock!


Congratulations ka_52! Hi rise construction will start on March 1’st!

Thank you Fili.