Ferrari5746 - 3/22/13

Minecraft Username Ferrari5746
Date of Ban march 22 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by DragonSlayer24
Reason for Ban I was mining/digging for Middlebury and found a underground bunker (Dragon’s) I got preoccupied and didn’t fill the 1x1 hole to it from the surface. Nothing else was altered, edited, or destroyed.

I just wanna know why the hole is a 1x1 straight down.

That part of the world was unloaded, and it looked like large mineshaft, which I’m assuming is attached to your bunker.

I saw the grief and I think the biggest problem with your situation Is the hole went straight down which is an indication of using Ore Finders… Note that I’m not saying you are cheating I’m just saying it’s and indication. I know Fer very well as I play on the server with him daily. I have to say this is very out of character.

Well I’ll admit, as said above, the land was unloaded so I was able to see the shaft.

I can understand the non loading world thing it happens to me all the time. Just saying if u see what looks like chests all around dont dig there. I noticed u didnt take anything from a unlocked chest so you can be unbanned.