Ferrari5746 - 14th of July, 2014


Minecraft Username Ferrari5746

Date of Ban 14th of July, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Nooby Guest Guy

Reason for Ban dum staff guest man ban me 4 no reson.

Reason to be Unbanned bcus this servr is 3pic and i hav no plac 2 go. y u gotta b so ruuuuuuuude

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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Who is this? Awful reason. Stay banned fu!

Bad ban appeal. Doesn’t deserve to get back on.

Yeah this guy is terrible, stay banned 5ever.

He said my breath smells. No one insults my breath. I say ban 6ever. Because 6ever means more than 5ever.

He will be the death of my first clay shop coming soon, ban this scum of the Earth plz and thx

Aston Martins are better than Ferraris. No. And he’s also cleared out the stock of my shop via an evil henchman.


Since it seems unanimous that you’ll be unbanned, I’ll do so. Don’t goof this up.