Feed The Beast Questions Thread

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will there be ranks on ftb too? also could u donate?

Far as I know, no. FTB is still too difficult for many people to play on, so ranks are not needed. Some players are Oped.

As for donations, Fatso is paying for this service, so it may go towards him. If he does not want that, then typical PCB donation method will work. So this is unknown atm.

My FTB isn’t working - it loads with only 3 mods…?

Is it “Minecraft Coder Pack”, “Forge Mod Loader”, and “Miencraft Forge”?

If so check you got steps 5&6 correct:

There should be a “mods” folder which is full of stuff
and a “config” folder which is also full of stuff
in the folder which opens when you right click the modpack’s picture and click “open folder”

There is/will not be any system for donating to the ftb server directly. Nor any benefits from donations. But If you want to help out pcb as a whole then donating to pcb will be appreciated :smiley:

Can you send me a screenshot of what the folders look like? I’ve tried everything and it still loads with 3 mods.

As you can see, there should be ~135 files and folders in there.