Favorite Kind of Car

What is you favorite type of car? Just curious. :stuck_out_tongue: Mine is Ford/Lincoln, I love Ford/Lincoln. My 2nd choice is probably Honda/Acura. And 3rd Probably GM. (My family has had all the cars that I put in the pole, it’s hard to just pick 3! Even just 1 for the Vote! :P)

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Lamborghini Murciélago and the Lamborghini Gallardo.
for normal type it is VW Golf All the way ( i ride in one)

So we’re not allowed to debate on the forums now? Seriously.


Jaguar E-Type

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II

I like pink golf carts.

Im into Bentleys/Aston but based on what options i have in the votes, id Go for Audi, Quite snazzy vehicles if ya tell me :stuck_out_tongue:

Lamborghini Egoista pls.






BMW. The cars are just classy and they always look good even being a few years old.

I literally facepalmed xD

I really like the Jaguar E-type.
But for now, I really just want a white jeep wrangler….
It’s a fly odd car but I just love the simplicity and the fact of the openness of a jeep. xP

That, or a light blue buggie so I can drive and watch people slap each other lmao

BMW’s are pretty nice. We had a 2005 BMW M3 Convertible until about about 3 years back when we got rid of it. We’ve had Chevrolet’s ever since, We’ve had a Chevrolet Malibu LTZ, a Chevrolet Chevrolet Impala Limited Fleet edition (My Dad used to get free cars from his work) and now we have a Black 2014 Chevrolet Impala 2LTZ, which all of those belonged to my Dad. At my mom’s house, we have my Mom’s 2007 Honda Pilot (Which has been very reliable, but will be replaced at the end of this year with a 2015 Dodge Challenger), My step Dad’s 2014 Subaru Forester, also my Step Dad’s 2001 Ford Mustang GT (With modifications, such as a super charger), and my Brother’s 2007 Chevrolet Colorado.

Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG. Hot Car. Dat V12 too.

CARS?! HELL YEAH! This is my sort of topic! I used to be a big car nut. Well… I still am, just not quite as much as I used to be.

Going to the Goodwood Festival of Speed when I was a kid was WAAAAYYYYYY better than Disney World Florida. THEY HAD SUPERCARS AND RALLY CARS AND CLASSIC CARS AND OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING I RAN AROUND LIKE A GOD DAMN MANIAC TAKING PHOTOS OF FUCKING EVERYTHING I want to be like, 8 again so I have an excuse to do that…


Jag E Type <3

For me, it has to be Aston Martin V8 or V10/12 Vantage. Or any other Aston Martin really… But this one is my favourite, in this colour too. I aim one day to own this car (unless a nicer one comes out by then :P)


Lamborghini’s are also pretty sweet, but I wouldn’t own one, too expensive and over the top, draw too much attention to me, I’m not a “EVERYONE LOOK AT ME” person. Dat Aventador though…


As for practical cars, BMW. BMW 335ci, black. I think my preference of BMW’s has come from my Dad’s car taste. He’s only ever owned BMW’s since I’ve been around…


Then, I don’t currently own a car, as I don’t need one. Unnecessary expense, but I’ll likely get a hatchback for ease of driving, parking etc. when I need one. I’ll actually probably end up buying my Mum’s car off her (Toyota Yaris, lol. [details=“Spoiler”]
But I’d quite like to get something a bit more interesting really… I haven’t looked into it much though. I do like VW Golf’s though, but the new model are kinda expensive for me, heh…


Koala in the future:

Hummer. their:
Big (So I can look down on people)
Safe (well I mean they use it in the army soooo)
Manly (If you think this car is not manly I will run you over with it)
Sleek (they can be so cool in black)
Luxury (only the important people get to ride in these babies)

So that’s 5 reasons why Hummers are my favorite car.

I like the Cadillac Escelade because:

  1. Drug Dealers drive it.
  2. It looks awesome in Black.
  3. I would look like a Mexican Drug Dealer inside of it.
  4. It’s Luxury and has a V8.
  5. It’s the most Ghetto SUV, we can do a drive-by in it. Or I can run over you with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is the most ghetto car, so that’s a good car too. :wink:

i had a 1985 DMC DeLorian for about a two months before i got my expedition and i loved the shit out of it

Wait what?
No… no no no. Sorry, no. :stuck_out_tongue:

How is an awesome Rally car ghetto?


That’s like saying A Subaru Impreza is ghetto. They’re also awesome cars.
I fucking love rallying, brilliant motorsport.

The Escalade, though? Yeah that’s ghetto. Well, “gangsta”. I see ghetto more as shit rusty lowrider that the owner has tried to make look cool by painting it metallic purple and by putting a lot of gold and fur in the interior, because they can’t afford a decent car.

I wonder what ferrari’s fav is