Farm Fresh Diner

[glow=blue,2,300]Farm Fresh Diner[/glow]

Come on down to Farm Fresh Diner! Where only the freshest food is served!

Three menus to chose from! breakfast, lunch, and for our 21+ customers a bar menu!
Have a special someone in mind? Ask for our special romantic spot open after dusk!
Got someone coming over and have nothing prepared to eat? Well now Farm Fresh Diner delivers to your home! For only $5 extra.
Getting married? Graduating? Well if you have a big occasion call Farm Fresh Diner 2 days in advance and we will cater the event for you.
Need to discuss some business well then hop on in to our banquet room fit for you and your coworkers.

We are placed in Farcoast so come on down!
[shadow=red,left]Godsjedi12315-owner of this fine diner[/shadow]

I have been in this diner and it’s amazing! you get a menu and the food doesn’t take long and it’s really friendly and so yeah GO THERE OR ELSE!!! :wink:

Lol i should have people run shops in my town

I love the selections and the restaurant styles. You can hire me in designing any future restaurants and id love to help you bring up your franchise!

I love this place. The customer service is great and the menus are amazing. Everything is cheap, and they have any food you are looking for. COME HERE

Thanks Guys make me feel good :slight_smile:

The Federation endorses FFD.

Im designing a new restaurant for Jedi for the Federation Project coming soon!

you set shop in ascadia

Hey this looks like you have forced my friends into posting about this I am on to you… >:(

You can always build another FFD in Arendelle for peeps who are visiting!

I would love to set up diners in your towns you guys just get me a plot and a farm! 8) jk