Farcoastian Army IV

Farcoastian Army IV
Hello Everyone!
With the arrival of the 1.7 map finally being here, Farcoast is working diligently to establish itself. In order to accomplish this, the Farcoastian Army is being reactivated.

Those who enlist in the Farcoastian Army get a starting salary of $31 per day, as well as access to free iron equipment just by asking. Those who join are guaranteed pay, and can collect on any day. Those who strive to do well will be promoted to higher ranks in the organization.

What will FCA members be doing? - Mostly construction.
The Farcoastian army serves as a defensive force, but also is largely a corps of engineers. Farcoast requires a massive amount of terrain-work and construction, so job security is relatively guaranteed at this point.

FCA Pay Scale (As of 1/12/2014):
Private (PVT): 31
Private First Class (PFC): 37
Corporal (CPL): 44
Specialist (SPC): 50
Sergeant (SGT): 63
Staff Sergeant (SSG): 70
Lieutenant (LT): 80
Captain (CPT): 105

For those who are prior service; everyone is having to start at the bottom of the new FCA until it grows to size. Once the organization is large enough to be split into separate squads and platoons, more promotions will be made.

Pay in the FCA is administered according to activity. If one is inactive for a prolonged period of time (1 week +), members will be shifted to “inactive” or “reserve” duty, and will be downgraded to 50% salary. Normal pay will be restored immediately upon return to active duty by confirming return with chain of command. This being said, pay is administered to members who actively participate regardless of individual effort. So long as you are still contributing, you will receive your salary. However, working more often will result in faster selection for promotion.

Enlist by talking to Metazealot, or having a senior member of the Farcoastian Government refer your information to Metazealot in order to be recorded in the FCA database.

Great! Can’t wait to get started!

I wish to join :smiley:

Awesome. I joined in the 1.6 and im gonna do it again!

I can gladly help anyone get accepted into the FCA, please don’t hesitate to ask me if you see me around.

Head of State, President

Same here, I was assigned my Meta to recruit people. I am the captain (Lieutenant until we have more than 1 platoon), so do not hesitate to ask me either.

I’d like to join, but as a governor I’d like a high up position (ie not private). Would this be possible?

Just cuz your a governer does not really mean you get any special rights. If your a governer of a town, do you instantly get trusted? now now, this is all up to meta/robin/rga

Im pretty sure everyone who joins gets private. besides meta (ovbiously) robin and rga.

Another question:
Has the FC Army ever been mobilised and used in battle?

Yes. But so far there arent any threats for war. :smiley:

Also i spoke with meta, he confirmed everyone gets private besides him rga and robin.

Am I still apart of farcoast and if so then where is it?

You have to speak to meta. Also the warp is /warp farcoast

Good luck :smiley:

Are you still going to be making a city under Farcoast?

Firstly, you may rejoin the FCA.
Secondly, what underground city?..

Please can I be enrolled?

By recent vote of the Farcoastian Council, the wages of all FCA members have been raised.
Private: 25 -> 31
Private First Class: 30 -> 37
Corporal: 35 -> 44
Specialist: 40 -> 50
Sergeant: 50 -> 63
Staff Sergeant: 60 -> 70
Lieutenant: 75 -> 80
Captain: 100 -> 105

Farcoast is shut down forever guys it is a sad day indeed. Salutes while standing on a sinking ship :’(

snipes courage with a bow and arrow