Named #1 eating establishment in Farcoast!

Hello everyone! The restaurant staff and I are pleased to announce that the Farcoast Steakhouse is officially [move][shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300][size=14pt]closed![/glow][/shadow][/move]

Our menu includes a mushroom soup appetizer and a steak dinner with baked potato side. It’s 5 dollars per meal, and some people during certain events will even get the chance to obtain a “free steaks for life” card!

To find the steakhouse, simply follow the numerous signs leading directly away from the front entrance of the White House in Farcoast.

The menu is posted on a sign at the entrance of the restaurant, since we don’t have enough paper menus at the moment. And if you like, you can also give a tip and write a review on the wall above the bench at the entrance!

Remember to pay the 5$ to Jatizso himself, who will then distribute the paychecks to staff. Tips can go to any staff member.

This is cool! I’ll be sure to treat some friends to a nice steak dinner! ;D

Neat Idea! We really need actual shops outside of the market…

Neat idea! Great to have Non-Chestshop Shops! :smiley:

We have a have judge for this?

I was wondering the same thing, espically with it just opening. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can judge the Farcoast restaurants if needed.

A little judge thing of the restaurants would be a pretty cool idea actually. :smiley:

The steakhouse is closed and abandoned now, sorry.

:open_mouth: What happened? :frowning:

No one ever came and all the staff left.

Are you selling the building or just letting anyone take it, or demolishing it?

I’m leaving it to rot as it is for the moment, but I might change my plans later. Maybe I’ll convert it into the museum of the first restaurant of Farcoast.

Did you have anything in mind?

Umm I should have told you guys that restaurants never last on PCB. I kinda feel bad now. You should make it like a sign selly thingy like in the market. :stuck_out_tongue:

It least he gave it a try. :stuck_out_tongue:

If shop signs are ever allowed outside the market, then you could still have the restaurant and just put signs inside.

Glances at Spec

The restaurant would probably have a lot more business, because people can get food at anytime if it had signshop. If only we could make SignShop’s outside of market…

Officially closed?! ???

Yup. D:

Spec is still away, but the idea we were working with was an area for each town to build shops in. I do like the idea of official businesses having a few individual shop chests. It may be allowed.