Farcoast IV

Updated 29OCT2013[hr]
NOTE: Farcoast IV is not currently in existence. It is a plan for the 1.7 map when it comes out. This main thread will be updated once the foundation for the city is set up.
Greetings everyone, I’m making this thread to introduce everyone to the current plans for the next Farcoast.
The fourth Farcoastian Empire will be more organized than its predecessors. Significant differences include a departmentalized government.

The positions:
Emperor (Metazealot): in charge of the FCA (Farcoastian Army) and domestic production/construction.
Head of State (Robin_Hoodlum): in charge of provincial relations and serving as ambassador to other towns.
Head of Domestic Affairs (Rivernymph): managing economic production and planning.
Other deparments may be created as necessary in the future, as all 3 of us are on a Council that will vote on matters of importance. Future provincial governors aligned with farcoast may submit a delegate to this council to have a say in how the empire works.

City Structure:
Another difference in Farcoast IV will be that we are shying away from the “freebuild sprawl” that the previous Farcoasts have all utilized. Fear not, there will still be freebuilding, but in its own district. Farcoast will be divided into several districts. Some of these districts include:

[ul][li]Government District (Location of the White House)[/li]
[li]Modern District (for modern housing)[/li]
[li]Freebuild District[/li]
[li]Manufacturing District (for farms, animal, tree, and otherwise)[/li]
[li]Low-Cost Housing District[/li]
[li]Military District[/li]
[li]Downtown District/Shopping District[/li][/ul]


Job Opportunities:
With the re-establishment of Farcoast, there will be several new opportunities for players seeking employment.

  1. The FCA
    The Farcoastian Army will be being re-established, retaining the salary-based pay system from last map. Enlistment will open up as soon as the 1.7 map arrives. Previous ranks will attempt to be retained when possible, but remember, we are starting from scratch. Those who enlist will be provided armor and weaponry if they do not have any. The primary jobs of the FCA will be assisting in construction and general defense.

  2. The FSC
    The Farcoastian Supply Corporation will be available for those seeking a non-salary based pay. Sell-to shops will be located in the various farm facilities so that citizens of the empire may make profit by providing resources that the FSC will then sell in market in order to fund the Empire and its construction projects.

  3. Government Contractors
    Farcoast has alot of ambitions for this map, but we’re going to need some skilled builders. Particularly, we’re looking for some people good at modern structures to be built in the modern district. If you want to develop a section of the modern district, ask for approval and build away. You can build and sell the homes yourself, or you can build them and have the farcoastian government sell them for you. The choice is yours.

If you have any ideas, or are looking to build in future Farcoast, feel free to send me a private message over the forums or /mail ingame.

You forgot to add one last position… Lord and Savior: Namillo

I think that belongs in the category “Enemies of the State”

I might wanna work for the government again 8). Lets try not to blow each other up like last time. Friends Now? :wink:

The Farcoast Government will vote on whether to allow you back or not.

Ooh can he work under me this time?

I am sorry, but I would not let Jx4576 come back…

I was Lieutenant of FCA while he was in the FCA. He quit the FCA, and I can not remember why now (It’s been a while now). But what I do remember is that he attempted Blowing up Farcoast. He was also trespassing while he was banned. I was always having to watch to see if he was trespassing, or if he was trying to blow up the place. I don’t want this kind of situation to happen again. After all this, I would just have to say no, but this decision will be up to the Farcoastian Government. And not to be rude, but he also always wanted his own way. And when he didn’t get his own way, he was very rude. I will admit I did fight with him. Also he was very rude when he left the FCA and was attacking us. Once again, it’s up to the Farcoastian Government, but I would say no.

On second though, I think I’d rather wait to start allowing the Government to vote when we have official Governors, not future planned ones. I suppose you can be considered as neutral for the time being.

I concur with this statement. Vote on such matters will wait until Farcoast IV is actually set up and operational at least.

Uhh how can he blow stuff up? TNT doesn’t work in PCB.

But he was really mean to me at first but he started to be nice then he quit.

P.S. I still want my horse job meta please

TNT works when it’s not around locked entities like chests or signs. Capital jobs will be assigned in 1.7, but we’ll note that you want to be over horses.

Ever stop and pause to think you may be taking this just a tad too seriously?

Roleplay is what a lot of people enjoy, I don’t think anything is being taken too seriously.

You are looking at the returning Horsemaster for FCA

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