Farcoast is the new Farcoast!

I don’t know how many of you know…but Farcoast is BACK! Let me spell that for you, B-A-C-K!

I went there recently to see if that place was still as dry as a bone, but no longer! I saw ton of empty lots and a massive pool! I spoke with Robin (the new owner) and he says he has many plans to RESTART FARCOAST. Making it better than it ever was.

It looks like first, he’s going to take away all those ugly buildings! Thank GOD! He says he plans on having many new skyscrapers and points of interest!

It looks like FC is the new place to be! It also looks like FC will yet again be the town on top.

In celebrations, it should get a new name. How about Apple Cove?

I wanted to change the name, but meta said that’s the only thing I couldn’t do when he handed me the city.

My legacy.
I just don’t want the city’s name to be changed because it is part of the identity of the city. Regardless of its appropriateness, I feel a name has a permanence to it.

When i return from my leave, id like to plan one of them suburban neighborhoods with nice and fancy houses separated by them old fashioned brick walls! (DONATIONS ACCEPTED: ESPECIALLY BRICK [Clay brick] )

I actually like the new scale of Farcoast! It’s in every form a dramatic improvement from the Farcoast in 1.6! Everything is grand and has a modern style to it! I remember the old Farcoast being quite densely built and messy in parts.\

What’s this about it being completely blown up?!