Farcoast Building Apartment for Sale - SOLD

There is a new listing is in The Farcoast Building, located on the corner of Pepper St. and Interstate 16 (503 Pepper Street), in Farcoast. The unit is the size of the entire 5th floor, with floor to ceiling windows on all exterior walls. The unit also features potted plants, and quartz accents throughout.

2 bedrooms
dining area
living room
private, enclosed deck
walk-in closet
dark oak rafters

Unobstructed view of entire Whitehouse
View of Farcoast Bank
View of Farcoast Base
View of surrounding hills

The Farcoast Building:

Whitehouse View:


Master Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom:


Dining Area:

ill take it for $10

3k is my offer. :slight_smile:

aww i want a home in farcoast…xD

lucky you and your 11k win…


The apartment has been sold to Pie for $2,003.14