Fall Photography/Events

Hey everyone, So We All Know It Is Probably Fall Starting In The Next Week Or So, So I Am Gonna Be Adding Some Stuff Here And There, here Is The Texture pack link i use-Fall Of Autumn- And, Portland Is Ready For The PCB Music Festival!


here are some more pics

Some Fall Pics i took with the Fall Of Autumn Pack!
http://imgur.com/IjNGwky http://imgur.com/a/3gnHK
Have A Good Day Everyone!

Sounds like a great idea. I live in New England, so Ill post a few if I can

it certainly is im working hard at the minute to get the october/halloween/fall festival ready



I hope there are more photos that will be posted in the next few weeks :smiley:

I shall try and post some pics

I’d love to post some, but A: My camera is my phone and B: I’ve tried to post screenshots and pictures before, but I can never figure out how to post images on the forums (I think Im pretty good with the site, besides this).

I may have a few stored on my computer, but I’d have to look.

Another note: The leaves outside are just beginning to change, so its mostly a green with the occasional patch of yellow. If I manage to get good photos of the leaves when in full swing, Ill try to post a few.

Also, nice texture pack. I tried to download it, but I stopped it because it changed my default homepage, plus, I usually use default xD

ah i see! well sorry about the texture pack XD and i would love to see some fall pics when u can get em!

I will definitely post some pictures, especially with shaders… and the texture pack…
HORRAY AUTUMN. NOT. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, I made 4 photos with the texture pack and shaders! Tell me if you like them!



Nice! i really like the shaders

ooh i really like the shaders, and its nice to see that everyone is very enthusiastic

I don’t know who this is, but it looks pretty cool.


Kurry at the Market


Original image used in my sig.


Also yomi, that one with pen and the torch is still probably my favourite screenshot to come from this server.

Wow… That is so cool Ruby! i especially liked the 1st one! the others are really good too, and i recognize the last one ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

Taking some pictures today. I’ll try to download a few to my computer, and post them on Imgur. Sorry if they aren’t good xD (Photos will be taken on my 5s, which has a pretty good camera)