So most of you know that I own a town named Fairyville. (Yeah I know it sounds conceited) but I wanted to post this for the people that don’t know :P. The town isn’t complete yet but it has a warp some farms and small mushroom houses :3 so go ahead and vist and if you want a plot just ask. I am planning on making another town, more in the modern type of style (wait what?) but yeah so for now this is all I got XD so just /warp fairyville and… Your good XD

Ok when I get back on I will build a house it will be a modern but I will need some space alright?

xD sure then but dont be mad if the village isnt…well that great

just to let you know fairy, do not touch the trees that are next to your town, if only i had been on earlier, my house is like 5 trees from your town

Billy just mark off the area and we won’t build there besides if it is bad enough we can get staff to move it for us…

Also Fairy we will make the town beautiful. No need to worry I got yo’ back.

Yeah, i know was just letting people know

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