Fafnir- Survival with benefits

[size=18pt]Theme of City is Nordic build.
I would like to invite you, to help out with the city.
I want this city to be ours, not mine.
Currently, I am the only one who is doing this project.
However, YOU can help enhance the speed of the process of the city being built.
In other words, I am currently seeking for help to build the city.
Please comment if there is interest!

[left]Progress Update:
-Town hall built.
-Extension of the road to the South. (INC)
-3 house plots built at Lake zone.
-Road to beachside house done.
-XP farm created

Soon to be updated:
-Extension of the road to the South
-Enchantment house on South Wing
-Northern Beachside houses.
-Tree farm
-Public mine
-Public Food dispenser
-Wool Farm ( color differentiated )

I would love to help however i have just started my own town so i need to do that first.

I would love to help!
I got an idea…
DONATOR TOWN! it’ll be cool
Reply if I am accepted


Sounds great, i would love to be a part of it :smiley:

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