Factions... How it should be treated.

When Jgja wasn’t online, shadowhand and megaman started calling him names like ‘Fucking retard’ I mean, before all the factions happened the server was quite and peaceful, but look what factions caused, even I got angry and called Lemon a leprechaun when he wasn’t online :-X I don’t want to be involved in this faction shit any more. It’s just causing too much hate.

For some people who don’t know yet, Andy will never install that crappy plugin :

VaioVista: You know factions? .andyy: yes VaioVista: It's causing hate all over the server .andyy: indeed .andyy: but I am not going to intervene .andyy: if people want to have factions they can have factions .andyy: but I am not going to install a plugin for it VaioVista: Good.

Just to say, “Fuck factions.”


Stop the hate, don’t get angry at each other about a fucking game [size=36pt] IT’S JUST A GAME

Vaio. The hate is called by people not following the rules, or not having common sense. People who do things as mentioned above, should be banned from creating/joining a faction. The rules should also be changed to not allow raiding again.


don't get angry at each other about a fucking game
You seem a bit angry there vaio...

Still, getting angry on a game is just pointless.

And I was annoyed there about everyone joining the server and continuing their talk about how some people are retards

( Retards are special people! :D)

Immature behaviour such as that should also cause players to be banned from factions.

( :smiley: Spechiul! )

I say non-pvp factions where the factions build and explore together working with eachother to make their faction better and they can trade with other factions and perhaps once monthly the factions could have a tournament in the arena or something. Just no pvp factions its causing hate

To clarify, I have mixed feelings over it. The plugin itself is not that much different from that awful Towny plugin we once used and unless there is a real reason for its use then it would just be wasted time and effort. Not to mention that there hasn’t been a very good display of common sense and maturity with regards to it lately…

I’m open to discussion about it

I really dislike where factions seem to be heading. The Forsyth Militia was created before the idea of having multiple factions ever came into play. If we can make factional differences more of a friendly competition (via tournaments w/e), then i’m all for that. As long as we get around this war, hate, and raid stuff.

yea some factions may cause hate but they have laso brought allong allot of good builds

Did anyone even see my post I think its a great idea

saw it good idea

i thinks it good i never really was expecting to be involved in war when the forsyth militia was created. also it would render the U.N if there is no war

Heh, factions are gonna die off anyway. Every few months somebody comes up with an idea that could make the server more, uhh, interesting.

First it was Towns, towns, towns. Everybody has to build and be a resident of a town. Now its Factions, factions, factions. And on one side it could make everything interesting and fun and on the other side it will cause hate and anger between the players on the server.

Pretty much every player built town on the server eventually failed and was forgotten. Same will happen with factions. Everybody is gonna have their own faction and its gonna turn into a random mess.

I’m all for the peaceful, productive factions though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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