Exteresticle: 5/06/2011

Minecraft Username: Exteresticle
Approximate Date of Ban: 5/06/2011
OP Who Banned You: Hard24get

Reason for Ban: i was breaking into other peoples houses
Reason for Unban: It wasnt actually me who was playing. My bday was on thursday, so i invited some friends for a sleep over. One of my friends went on my computer and started playing minceraft. He found a few of my friends houses and went in by digging to the house and had a look and put some signs outside of the place. So yeh sorry, i dont thinked he greifed at all. :frowning:

Hard24Get didn’t ban you as far as I know, Sipjca banned you and I rolled your actions back.

is it a permanent ban??

You were banned by both myself and Hard24Get, you came back multiple time on after being banned somehow, and you were banned again.

what?? once u banned me i cudnt get bak on

Well you did somehow twice, someone banned you early today, me in the middle of the day, and later you came on again, you were banned all 3 times, im going to unban you but if you cause any problems you will be banned forever.

thanks bro

Just for future reference, the ‘Someone else was using my account’ excuse will only work once because we believe in second chances. You are responsible for your account and its actions weather you are playing or not.

That excuse NEVER works. We don’t accept that as an excuse. It’s your computer, your account, your responsibility. He shouldn’t have had his password saved for his login when he had friends over.