We should have an event war! Like split into 4 teams across a big map and the last standing team wins!
Idk what the winning team gets… apprently “WAR_WINNER” as a title wont happen.

Should we do this, it WOULD be lots of fun if it is planned out just right…

Ah yes, we tried this once, but everyone went overboard with tnt and exploding guns and we ended up crashing the server…

lololol that sounds fun
but i guess NO TNT.

Would it even be possible?

I re-sized the war map so ark could organize it like he wants. Lets see what he comes up with.

Also, how do you permanently erase a map? It seems that backups still exist even when I erase the original files entirely. Erased war with /removelvl then created a new map called war. Yet, all the backups are still there and it’s on save 25 already.

Short question, how do I erase backups or save over them? I really wanted the map to be built right, then save it as save #1. That way, war could be rebuild from one standard restore point.

Save over them using /backup I think. So you could do /backup 1. Not sure how you remove them however.


Oh yeah, kyle its coming along.
And does anyone know how to make an island? The blue teams Base will be an island.

Oh yeah Here is how the teams are gonna be:

Yellow-Desert Team, they have the Desert biome.
Blue- Ocean Team. They will have an island biome.
Green-Forest Team. They will have a Forest Biome.
Red- Hell team. There will be lava everywhere, and everything will be made out of Obsidian… this will be the only team with a roof, to capture the hellish feeling.

We need captains for all teams, I wanna be blue Captain! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering for the game, can everyone have either name color or titles corresponding to their team? Just a thought.

Hey, this is pretty good idea! There should be more events on classic.

I support this idea, and if there will be captains i want to be Yellow captain! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK aww, thanks! But idk if itheir names are gonna be colored , or they have titles thats tells their team.

like this:

[Oceanic_Kings_Captain] Arkger:

Or their name correspnds with their team.

Plus, i need helpers or this project.

And i need green and red team captains… thats forest and hell teams.

I think titles would be ok. But short ones.
Captains could just have titles saying [Captain], then the titles could be the colour of that team.
Other members could just have titles saying Blue Red etc. If other staff agree I have no problems with it.

What do you think about rule like this: “If team’s captain dies, the whole team will lose”? It could bring some more drama to game :stuck_out_tongue:

And will there be several rounds or just one?

And about prizes, maybe winner team could get some kind of title just for a few days?

I was thinking more along the lines of, people can join up together like blue and green team can form alliances, and stuff like that.

The captains should be able to lead their teams and stuff, so if they lose i dont think the whole team should lose…
Captains in fact should have more lifes!

but we need more ways to kill people… too bad we can use swords and stuff…

i was bored as hell today, and actually got on Classic for a bit and helped Arkger wit the Island map for blue team… looks fantastic. everyone should go check it and the other biomes out they are comming along really well.

by the way. can someone give me a crash course as far as what i can do in the classic server as Op. im kinda clueless on the Classic commands, but i would help more often if i knew what i was doing.

can i be captain of red team, so i can have the title of HELLBRINGER

As liam said, you can overwrite backups buy just using /save (backup#no)
you dont even have to use a number, you can save a backup called like ‘restore’ or ‘original’, To see the amount of backups and if their are any backups with names for a map just type /restore without ANYTHING after it, or you will revert the map to that save

To delete a backup permanently you would just have to navigate to the backup folder on your harddisk and manually delete the backups you dont want for whatever reason, but I reckon that the /save 1 command would suffice.

Fatso, that’s just the thing. I tried to fully erase a map before. I erased every file with that map’s name from my HD. I created a new map with the same name and all the backups were still there. I was like, dafug? Perhaps I just missed it. Good info on /save # letting you choose the save file.

chances are thats due to the mysql database still thinking the saves are still there, im not savy enough with databases to know how to edit it out unfortunatly

:smiley: I’m pretty happy that nobody took green team. So I definitely want to be captain of green team. ;D

OK guys, the bases are finished.

But there is some conflict for captains lol.
John and aww wanna be Yellow captains LOL…

But i have added some personalites to the teams.

Blue is more agrresive as they have a wall, and the wall can be stood on, so blue can attack easily.
Red is contained, so they can work on whatever, with out people seeing.
Yellow, is plain, but has mant pitfalls, so invaders will most likely die :stuck_out_tongue:
Green has many places for the home team to hide, so invaders will be ambushed, plus green has a HUGE treehouse, which can be uused for long-ranged attacks.

This war will be alot more strategic than most.

And I need more helpers.
So you guys like it so far?

I deffinetly want green team. ;D

OK myth, you can have green.

And, blue and red have switched personalities…

blue is calm, and red is aggresive.