When you set the roll backs… it effects the servers builds!
MY WHOLE PLACE IS MESSED UP! IM FURIOS!!! >.< can you please fix it! I begg of you guys!!! My whole facility i was working on is GONE! :frowning: im sad

yeah me, hard and brodurs town is gone too :c

Well look at it this way: If we unrolled it there would be a freaking MASIVE hole in the world the would stretch forever, then your building would probably be gone in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

A redo probably wont work in this case will probably have to be restored from a save

and how would this happen? :o

Well the server got rolled back because a supergrifer came on with a hacking thing that deletes a crapload of blocks

Its a situation that won’t happen again. We’re very sorry about the loss of builds over that period. Mass griefs can now be fixed with logblock and without having to rollback the entire server.

thats supergriefers for ya