Eplett: 1.7.3

Minecraft Username: Eplett
Approximate Date of Ban: 1.7.3
OP Who Banned You: GGGEEEE, ka_52

Reason for Ban: Greifing
Reason for Unban: It was in the temporary server. Ka_52 told me to get some stone so I mined some from a area i did not know i wasn’t allowed to dig in before I was able to fix it GGGEEEE banned me. then when the online servers crashed my ban was lost but Ka_52 re banned me.
Server: Survival

ahem first off, it was the 1.8 server, i believe, and you griefed the zombie run zone, ka might had told you to grab some stone, but it should be common sense not to grief structures, we had told you multiple times to put it back. you would not listen. i banned you and rolled you back. the other plett, had griefed as well, and while running around checking chests in the module i had found that jplett, had one stack (64) of golden axes, as in they were stacked. and a few water/ lava blocks. all unattainable by normal means, being hacked in, i threw them in lava.
EDIT: i would also like to add, the only way, apart from an admin giving you these, would to be grief into Nek’s home ****************** and steal

EDIT by Ouhai: Didn’t think it was a good idea to be telling where Nek’s home was, even if it is in a past server.

As I re-banned him I will add to this. I agree with gig, it is really common sense what you can and cannot do. You play on other servers without griefing so I don’t believe that. Good luck getting unbanned.


Since jplett has been banned, I don’t see why his other account shouldn’t.