Enn River City - TBA Expansion Problems

Hey guys. Why am I here today?

Well, this.

Ok, I didn’t want problems to start again in this area, but I knew something like this would happen again.

Number one, this has been stated many times before, but Enn River City was built BEFORE TBA, so technically, TBA is in the way of Enn.

Number two, you could’ve at least given me warning about 2 months ago when I STARTED building the airport and development there.

Number three, based off of the way the road system in TBA is structured (WorldEdit’d into the mountains), it would be easier if TBA was moved to a different area of the map where it is not landlocked by other cities.

I would like other staffs opinion on this situation. And @Wairoa, please wait before WorldEditing more roads above my builds please, it is still considered griefing even if you are a staff member.

Thank you,

I agree with that Yeshy has to say, especially if Enn River City existed before TBA. There must be a way to compromise to both cities, or one moves. This reminds me of Victoria and Bayside (I built Victoria waay before Bayside appeared and they built literally blocks from my outline of the city/castle etc. at the time. I still am not happy the city is there but I’ve learned to ignore and convenaintly made a small forest inbetween to cover up any views of Bayside from my city ;D

That’s gotta be the deciding factor if it actually did exist before TBA. Right now, I haven’t seen a side of the story that really stood out (Wairoa told me his last night) so I just put some points for both of you there.

Points for Wairoa’s case:
There are other ways for Enn River City to expand
Airports take up too much room, and it should be built elsewhere

Points for Yeshy’s case:
TBA doesn’t have a name (TBA = To be announced)
TBA hasn’t really grown, and Yeshy would be expanding onto empty blocks

As said above, if the town’s been there before TBA, then Wairoa technically has no rights above your own to expand your town.

I just logblocked it.

Enn River City spawn was built October 30th, 2014.

TBA Spawn was built November 14th, 2014.

Enn River City was there before TBA.

Right, firstly TBA’s name IS TBA, I don’t plan on changing that.
Secondly, I apologise about the ultimatum, but I never said i’d delete it. However the time limit was a big unnecessary and I didn’t mean for it to sound so agro, /mail is wonderous isn’t it.

Now, here’s where there’s a big grey area for the ‘who’s town is older’ argument because, despite a section of your town being built before TBA physically, TBA received its warp legally binding it as a town LONG before Enn received one. Not only that but Enn was south of TBA and wasn’t anywhere near it so the whole ‘who’s older rule’ doesn’t apply anyway because we were so far away. In addition to this, I made it clear that I wanted to expand west in the last argument we had when you asked me not to expand south, which I hadn’t by the way. Your airport is also 44 blocks away which is kind of the part that annoys me the most because we have proximity rules.

Now I don’t give a shit about this drama and the best options in life are usually the easiest, so if moving TBA is the easiest way for me to avoid that fugly airport and your town altogether, so be it , I simply don’t care for the potential ensuing bickering.

Didn’t TBA get a warp long before Enn only because staff created it long before it had the correct number of buildings? I remember being pissed about that.

I’m a bit leaning towards Wairoa’s side now because he’s so lenient. Bryce, you should chill a bit if you want something to happen.