Endermen grinders?

Having just seen what an enderman grinder is, I’d like to know in depth what you can or cannot do with one on PCB (A.k.A Abuse or little use).

If Enderman grinders are banned, please update the rules list to accommodate this change as the current rules are old (farlands).

honestly, im still unsure why this ban on an XP farm exists… i know they are powerul, but the amount of time and efforts that is put into making it should be worth it, not only that, but people are paying to use the ones that were previously made…

i myself must admit, taht ive been tempted to just say screw it, and start rebuilding the old “Ender Ender” mob trap and start using it.

But as a member of staff, i stayed my mouse, and continued to diligently work on Treetop without the aid of such a masterfully crafted engine of destruction…

They are easy to make. Me and a friend made one on a friend of his’ server. 100% legit, took 30 minutes to nonstop make endermen . Its not hardat all

Hard, no offense, but, i have $10 that says you could make a scale model of Titanic on MC no trouble at all, your just that BA at it.

I would say you could make one but only for personal use. When robin made his he had it public to anyone that was on the same team as him. If u let some new player just use it it gives them a head start when the barley just joined.

so should we allow the End to be filled up with End grinders, or allow a public place for advancement? I almost put a public grinder in spawn once upon a time, and no one really had any problems with that… not seeing what the big whoop is now…

I didn’t let just Anyone use my grinder, almost all users had to pay a fee. My opinion as always is that they should be allowed.

Here is my opinion. Magical Pony Flying Through The Sky ASDF Movie
Magical pony, is ender enders, Staff, are, well, staff.
Ender enders are not only XP farms, but ender pearl farms as well, and enchantment farms, which can be sold when all the person really invested was some paper and leather, and maybe 5 minutes of ender punching.

i mean, isn’t that XP farming inna nutshell? if i remember correctly, my old base’s XP grinder was so succesful, because everytime i found a zombie/skelly spawner, i had Liam, Ouhai, or Sip move em into my base… its was about as powerful as an ender ender grinder, albeit it took just s teensy bit more time…

Im still not seeing a problem with this.

Yeah, I have a spawner at edgehaven which has given me tons of gunpowder which has made stacks of tnt. If tnt and xp through spawners is allowed, why not enderpearls and xp?

Not to mention Gunpowder is more useful than enderpearls.

Personally Don t see a problem with any mob grinder, at the end of the day u still working for what u get but a lot easier , IF players arnt aloud to make personal mob grinders then why not make a public grinder that way its fair…

Failing that put a “SMALL” (i mean small) price on enter ? …

Like Shadowmeire628 said i don’t see a problem…

_ Rippor

I’m still baffled at the fact they’re banned.

Guys they are banned.

Staff ruled them banned.

Im tired of talking about this.

No more discussion is needed.

They cannot be made,
nor shall you make blades
from them.
I want to hear no more of this topic,
or a hand will be laid.
(lol poetry)

The rules will still need to be updated though.

Whats to know?

Dont build them, dont go near them, dont use them. Those are the rules. YOu may take them down, if you want and use the materials for other objects.

HEHEHEHEH, goes and destroys them for redstone and pistons