I’ve been playing for a while, and there was some server lag. So i decided to re-connect. But as i was logging in it kept going, and going, until it said END OF STREAM.

I really don’t know where else to ask for help, and i bet one of you out there will know the solution for this!
[move] END OF STREAM [/move]
i totaly hate it! why does this happen? i’ve tried deleting .minecraft from %appdata% but it didn’t work! please, if u do know, please, tell me!


cant you connect at all?

try then post back

i just found out its only project city build >:( can anyone else connect? just a second ago i saw someone else on the web and he/she cant connect either

Me too

Same thing happening here.

EDIT : I think the server froze. The clock in the Dynamic Map loops from 16:46 to 16:49.

I also saw on the map that i was there, while i wasnt online

Need to get someone to restart it

yep its showing a few of us online like me when im not on there think server may of crashed or incountered a error sure andy will sort this out btw if u want to pass the time http://www.watch-south-park-online.com/ :slight_smile:

So sorry. It was online at 4am my time when I last checked. I’ve been working non stop since then. Everythings running again. Ill get Andy to look into what caused the crash this time.

When I’m away from home I use the PCB website to check if its running, so it looked like everything was ok.

If anything like this happens, just assume its a server crash, go do something else, come back the next day. If its still not up then, THEN you might need to start worrying… :smiley:

And thanks Special!

yup im worried :frowning: