Well me Zingwoof2,Andy,Hard,and some other people went to the End Realm with special thanks to CherryRed,MythBeast,and Sacreddeathflame. I dont know who the rest are but identify yourself if you see yourself in the screenshot below:

Oh BTW. The End World is now property of Yours Truly. Hard24get :smiley:
I own a world :smiley:

Who said that, Hard?

Btw I’m sorry for raping the shot of you Cherry lol

I claimed it :D, and no one said anything. Il be more than happy to let you build atlanta in it fili :D, Might be a bad town. Ya know, with those theiving endermen living in the alleys always mugging you

RIP Ender Realm base

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That’s an idea, put in a ‘like’ button :stuck_out_tongue:

Nu. +1 Button, much better.

I would do the same thing though Ruby XD