enchantment table

I am selling a enchantment table and I want some bids it comes with the following:
enchantment table
6 bookshelf

The bidding will start at 100. This will go on till Saturday so act fast!

101.01 XD

funny because i have an enchantment table with 18 bookshelves but not for sale. i have a suggested price though
heres some math
diamonds are an average of around 50$
an obsidian block averages awound 2.56$
a book averages around 1.50$
it takes 3 obsidian, 2 diamonds, 1 book
that is (502)+(2.563)+1.50=109.18
the 6 bookshelves requires 18 books (27$) and 36 wood planks (0.56$)
all this = 27.56$
the total is 136.74
that is you logical price i would put it as 140$
not bidding though just a suggestion

ok this was kind of a joke I was kind of waiting for that one person to go 1,000! :stuck_out_tongue: but I guess not :frowning: (if you are out there that one guy please bid on it!)