Enable Bedspawn

Honestly i think it would make my MC life that much easier instead of spawning back in the Spawn.

people can then lay in beds in someone else’s house and then later return there. I can cause a lot of grief/ steal problems or major annoyance.

I’d say No ty

They could also just set a home there still if they care to grief that much. I would actually kind of like it, finally a use for the things. lol Just have a rule you can only use beds you have permission for, like the /sethome?

Thank you pie! Someone that agrees with me! And I agree, if they care enough to grief, you could just do set home. I see no problems enabling bed spawn.

Like everyone is saying, you could /sethome if you wanted to greif that much…

I like the idea

I say why not? It’s ultimately up to Spec, but I can see him altering this without complaint. There may be other counter-arguments that may be worth hearing.

Seeing as how ‘yes’ is currently winning, it probably won’t make a difference, but could you add a ‘remove vote’ button, or would that cause the poll to revert back to 0?

Edit: Forgot to mention, I clicked the ‘no’ bubble and hit vote before I realized I hit the wrong one, meant to click ‘yes’.

I edited it so you can change your vote.

I wonder if Spec agrees with my idea?

Remember: Voting closes soon!

This should have been fixed. I think. Let me know if it isn’t