[size=12pt]Hello Fellow PCB Members and Staff,

Empire City’s Current Mayor:@Abbykia has been Empires Mayor For A total of 4 Months Now, Which means in 2 Months Empire Will Need to re-elect a new mayor. So if you feel like you have the potential to be Empires new mayor then Please comment down below and the Empire city Staff will review the entries and pick only 3 of the total entries.

[size=12pt]Please Leave a Comment Why You Think You Deserve To be Empires Next Mayor And What You Will Do As Empires Next Mayor

Since @Abbykia has only ran once as Mayor we will be including her to the list of entries for one last time

Thanks From Empire City,
~Jacob~Empire City’s Co-Owner

Me because im Javi :stuck_out_tongue: As mayor everyone will each be liked by me

I would love to be the mayor of Empire. I have helped around here and there, and I genuinely love Empire. I am great with coming up with ideas to bring attention to the town, and to bring new residents! I also have good public relations! Side note… Easy acess to a staff with rollback is pretty convenient as well. I already to represent a portion of Empire. Although I am not a major builder, I can definitely contribute when needed. I can do both interior and exterior. Empire will never be dull! I am prepared to not only monitor and maintain Empire, but also help it grow to its full potential. :slight_smile:

As Empires Mayor i would burn it all on a pit of fiery hell :slight_smile: jks

As the Mayor of Empire, I would construct my 2 buildings required to become the Mayor…

If you are going to be entering for Empires new mayor please have the 2 builds done before entering, If your 2 builds in empire are not complete, you are therefor not eligible. Thank you , ~Jacob

I want to be the mayor of Empire because I am perfect mayor material. I am enthusiastic and know when I have to be serious. I have 2 builds in Empire, and my Empire construction company, Empire West, hopes to build more.
The city staff know me, and ask them. They know I’m good mayor material and am ready to take on whatever comes towards me. I will increase Empire past Acra one day (because Acra has no more room to expand lol), and will keep its full potential. Even when Creative3 comes, we will rebuild Empire to even more than it is today. Please elect me for mayor. You won’t be sorry :D!


I Think That I would be a good mayor of empire because I am the Co-Mayor of Greenswood, Second Govenenor of Eastdell, Co-mayor Of Stampy Town and I would Expand Empire To The MAX it can be

Hello there, I would like to be a mayor of Empire, and have exactly 2 (two) builds in Empire.
I’ve also helped Abbykia the current mayor of Empire. I have many reasons for being a mayor: Own 1 town,I am director of some things in some towns, and will also check back in Empire and look for grief, hackers, etc.
Hope you consider this here entry, and hope to see ya’s in game.


If elected Mayor I solemnly swear to provide cake to each of Empire’s citizens and to provide homes to the homeless. With that said the amount of player homes will rise attracting others to the city and overall the environment and atmosphere of Empire will vastly improve since it’s CherryRed…[It’s Britney Bitch] running around to ensure happiness, prosperity, and patriotism to what easily can be the next city of PCB that will become a centre to all players under my leadership.

Qualifications: Well to start I’m a Senior Op, Lead of Cspawn activity, Owner of Raymont (an organized freebuild), own 2 private cities in Creative without warps, Coordinator or Freebuild and Pixel, About to start major construction on a San Francisco styled city in Survival, slayed PCB’s first ever Ender Dragon w/Sacred and Myth, Issued out the infamous bans of Robin and Ninja, I freakin just listed qualifications and offer’d y’all cake I ought to be Mayor for christ sake c: c: c: c: c:

what is the empire?

Someone else is starting empires without me?
Time to grab my swords and TNT.

[No intent of becoming mayor, just felt like commenting. Good luck with your creative stuffs.]
[@Yomigaere: It’s a city in creative.]

I have fixed the obnoxious subject. Seriously, you don’t even need tildes at all, never mind however many you had.


I will Announce The 4 Finalist for Empires Next Mayor On February the 15th. There Will be A poll on Who should be the next mayor out of those Five. The Person With The Most Votes By March 21st Will Be Elected Empire New Mayor, And Empire Is still accepting Applications To Become The New Mayor :). Thanks, ~Jacob


~We Will Be Announcing The 4 finalist for Empires new Mayor Tomorrow~

Good Afternoon My fellow Pcb Members And Staff Members,

We are Happy To Announce That Our Official Finalist for Empires Next Mayor are…


Please leave a comment saying who you would like to see out of these 4 finalist to be the official Early-2015 To Late-2015 Mayor :smiley:

To our 4 Finalist Congratulations and we hope you feel accomplished to be one of the Finalist :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone else that tried out to be the official 2015 Mayor of Empire.

If you Have Any Questions I would Be Grateful To Answer Them In The Comments Below,

Thats All,

Sorry but how did that not get in the final XD

Guys… What’s this “Empire” you speak of?