Emiliology Ban Appeal - January 13, 2018


Jan. 13, 2018

Banned by: Penguina

Reason: Grief in FurtenFur’s survival home.

I should be unbanned because I wish for a second chance on the server. I committed an immoral act which I expect won’t be forgotten soon. My intention was purposefully malicious, which I extremely regret. The side of me demonstrated isn’t who I am capable of being, which is why I seek absolution. I promise this will never happen again if I’m unbanned. I’ve built up a decent reputation for myself that I don’t want ruined, so hopefully someone will give me a second chance for expiation.

Edit #1: In addition to grief, I stole 13 stack of bread, seeds, and melons from which I assumed was a community chest (in slash’s village). While this is not the reason for my banning, I do apologize for looting. I can confirm in utmost certainty this won’t occur again.
Edit #2: Ban reason.

Previous Bans, Ban Appeals: None

Right, I was going to unban you until I was informed that you also stole 832 loaves of bread, tons of seeds and 90 Melons from FurtenFur. What do you have to say for yourself in relation to this new allegation?

So what I want to know, is why you thought you could get away with this stealing and just pass the grief off as ‘an immoral act’ of breaking two blocks when you clearly did more than break two blocks.

Lastly, the ban reason was not ‘breaking two blocks’.


The chests which you stole food and seeds out of was for town residents only. There is a sign right in front of the chests that was unmissable and you weren’t a resident of this town.

Again, I apologize for looting his (what I now know are) town chests. I promise this won’t happen again.

You knew they were town chests Emiliology. Also why did you wait for staff to bring up the stealing, when you knew full well that you had done it?

I brought it up just now because my appeal was originally about griefing FurtenFur’s survival house, not looting. Though, of course, now that is part of the appeal. As for why, as I said before, I assumed they were community chests. I cannot stress how clear I’m trying to be. Again, I apologize for the previously stated actions and ensure they won’t occur again.

Just wanna jump in and say

No, you stole. Those chests weren’t just some resource drop for you to come and dig your hands through. The foods you stole were resources that someone else had put effort into farming. You stole it from them.

Yeah I know, just a synonym for stealing. I can use “stealing” from now on if you want me to.

Looting is not allowed on this server either.

How on earth do you miss this?


Right so I am going to reluctantly going to unban you.

But this comes at a cost, if you break the rules or step out of line again then this may lead to a permeant ban from the server.

And just so you know, we do not tolerate misconduct, ‘purposefully malicious’ behaviour and lying.

Thanks! Of course I know that, why would I be making a ban appeal if I didn’t?

Unbanned. Locked.