While me and some other people were fixing up the area around sandy point (removing crappy houses, adding a cool beach with world edit) I was removing a house on a cliff by using some of the world edit commands we can use (If i had undo this wouldn’t of happened) and i think i might have done the Biggest Fuck Up in all of Pcb. Instead of typing //cyl air 5 100 i typed //cyl 5 100. that made a giant wooden circle around the entire Lake and part of sandypoint. I did //cyl air 100 immedietly after considering i couldnt use /undo to remove it. I need andy or another op to rollebakc the map to somtime around <8:00pm as that was when it happened.

Currently there is a large Cut running through all the mountains,buildings,and huntingrounds due to this. And this sucks considering the map was starting to look realy good from all the work we were putting into fixing it up.

Everyone makes mistakes at some point in there life. Some are just bigger than the others.

Well, there goes our permissions for world edit…

Yeah. Hopefully Andy will roll it back, but let us keep world edit and give us the freaking /undo command so shit like this doesn’t happen again. because im actually good with world edit. just when i can use some commands and not others that correspond with it. it doesn’t work as well.