Elysium is the soon to be Capital City of The Federation. After separating from the city of Farcoast and it’s empire, we decided to make our own city. The construction of the new Capitol building has made a lot of progress, and it nearing completion. That being said, the city structure is soon going to be laid out (roads). But first, we need to flatten the mid-size island the city sits on. The Federation is offering good pay to help flatten the rest of the island and getting supplies such as quartz to finish the Capitol. Please message me in-game or post on this forum if you’re interested.

[b]Current Construction:

Flattening the Island
Obtaining Quartz
Finishing the Capitol[/b]

/Warp Elysium

i still have a bit of quarts left i think if you want it

I sure hope this city turns into a very high-end and expensive town. By the looks of the capital, it seems to be going that way.

The main roads have now been laid out; as well as the island being flattened for the most part. I’ve created the spawn building, as well as starting construction on the national archives building. We are still in desperate need of quartz. Message me if you need access to the iron door to be able to enter the city, just right click it.

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