Hi c:
I’m new here. 'Tis place be lookin neat if must say!
Now take me to your pigs.

Hey there!

Welcome to PCB, I hope you have a nice stay here, and that you decide to make some amazing builds here on the servers!

Have fun Minecrafting,

Welcome to the community :smiley:

ello ello govoner!

welcome to the Build.

if you need help on SMP don’t hesitate to ask!

You don’t even have to be Irish to know that one… xD

tbh, i read it as This, and not tis XD

Hola! y bienvenidos a construir proyecto de ciudad! :slight_smile:

Si alguna vez quieres ir en el servidor clásico (Dios sabe por qué) enviarme un mensaje a través de Steam, youtube, oa través de un mensaje privado clásico a través de PCB.com :slight_smile:

Espero que tu tiempo es grande :slight_smile:

verdaderamente tuyo

EDIT for all you non Spanish speakers out there:

Hello! and welcome to Project city build! :slight_smile:

If you ever want to go on the classic server (god knows why) message me via steam, youtube, or through the classic Private message via PCB.com :slight_smile:

hope your time is grand :slight_smile:

yours truely

Spanish is paying off xD

AAAAAAAAAY! Welcome! Glad to see some new people on. Oh and you’ll love it here.

Welcome. :smiley:
I hope you enjoy the server, and build some awesome stuff. If you need help with anything just ask a member of staff.

This is already quite a welcome. I’m all out of pigs, but I do have chickens. Would you like some chicken? Live, cooked, or raw?