Elevator plugin

I suggest that we add an elevator plugin. This could add to the realism of this server and perhaps even make it better.

The lag, NOPE!

Lolnupe. Maybe allowing pressure plates that teleport upwards, but never elevators.

You could probably kludge along similar functionality with /ascend and /descend, but we don’t have perms for that.

It sounds like "Lag Lag Lag? Lag! :slight_smile: " I’m ok without it.

No for reasons above. This has been a suggestion before and was denied numerous times already.

I found a way to create elevators. This may create lag, I don’t know. But, this is the easiest way to make one.
Here’s a picture…

So actually this can be locked because its only bad for the server with the lagg

There wasn’t really a need to comment in this 10 day old thread but i’ll go ahead and lock it.