Elevator Plugin

This self-explanatory plugin allows for neat elevators. This would add more realism to our server, since we have many tall building. No more excessive stair climbing!


Amazing idea! As long as everyone could use it…

Dunno on this one, not going to vote.

When you start adding Plugins like these, it doesn’t feel like the original minecraft anymore.

The whole thing about minecraft is ingenuity: find solutions with what you got to make your survival more comfortable. If you start adding plugins like these, it feels like cheating.

Tbh, we don’t need this in creative-bigcity because people can fly.

In survival, we don’t have that many skyscrapers. Plus what I said before.

Actually, I’m going to vote no.

I did a survey on this a couple months ago, and one of the main reasons why people didn’t want to live in a skyscraper was because of the time it requires to get up there. I think this would help a lot, and is pretty cool in my opinion ;D

Skyscraper Survey:

I just worry about the strain this kind of plugin might cause. Anything that “moves” means a lot more work for the server. If it were possible, I would love most plugins and changes that alter how the game works. Thing is, that kind of stuff is usually meant for FTB and not the main server.

Sip - Where is that map??

As nice as it would be to have this plugin, the same thing can already be done in vanilla Minecraft using either pistons (or command blocks). People have come up with a billion different ways to transport uses up and down very quickly using pistons

I would love this plugin it will make us able to live in penthouses.

I’ve seen this plug-in on the WoK server, and it is really cool. I’d love to be able to use it.

My vote was a definite yes.

These plugins put too much strain on the server. And break very easily with each update of Bukkit.

Elevators would be nice, PCB once had elevator plugins once upon a time if you didn’t know. The lag it might cause though could be very sufficient and deal some heavy game interuptions, especially if there’s a lot of people using them at the same time. If people don’t want to take the time to go all the way up a building in that sense, I would suggest open the highest point of buildings to Trusted players. Since T+ can use /fly, perhaps use a small 3x3 room for the players to fly right up (In the same sense that it functions as an elevator) Even though I’m not so much a survival user, I’ve been doing this even for my Creative builds because I understand where you are coming from about wanting to have your buildings have full function as possible, that’s what I’m all about, and although i’d like for the plugin to happen myself, I know it’s better off yo find alternatives around.

-If im not mistaken, perhaps a SOP+ could even experiment with pressure plates and command blocks to function as elevators, might be a little bit more work but still another possibility to try working around

This particular plugin is VERY laggy. There are alternative plugins that just tp you to the next floor, however none of these seem to have been updated for 1.7. The WoK server use a tp one (but I reckon it’s custom coded, as they do have their own developer).

That was just buttonwarp.

This is a great plugin for the server! I strongly suggest it! :smiley:

Three admins and the majority of votes say no to this one. I’m denying it. Sorry! The technical limitations prevent this.