Electr021's Ban Appeal

Okay so, apparently I have been banned (Obviously I have, therefore I wouldn’t be creating this thread) for: Grefing busterlef’s home (bookshelfs). I understand that there is a no griefing rule, but I have been on this server for about two weeks, and never saw this user online during my online periods throughout the weeks. This in mind, I thought he had either been banned, or quit the server overall. I had gone through a nether portal that I had created, which linked to his own nether portal inside of his home. I saw the bookshelves, which I knew I had been wanting to create an Enchantment room for a while. If any staff, or the owner himself, asked for the bookshelves, I would have obviously returned them to the rightful owner. I didn’t grief anything else inside of his home, only the bookshelves. I apologize for doing that, and would like to be granted a second chance on the server. Thank you for listening.

Okay, well whenever he comes online, if you could please have him read this appeal, I would appreciate it. If Busterlef is in need, I can pay him back double the bookshelves I stole from him ( I believe it was 12, I think? ) as part of fair reimbursement of my punishment after I become unbanned (if I am in this case) if needed. Thanks. :s

Like lemon said, It is a general rule to NEVER break or modify anything anyone else has built without their permission, some cases can be over looked such as a random cobble stone block in the middle of no where, but a bookshelf within a reasonably sized house is a obvious no-no.

It was only the bookshelves that you destroyed, and only about 5 blocks total, so I will unban you, but in future try not to touch other peoples stuff, regardless of what you think happened to them.

[Edit] Unbanned, locked.