Elder Scrolls Online

I just wanted to know if anyone was planning on playing this when it is released and if so on what platform (I will be playing on PS4) so we can group up and do raids together. I am currently deciding between playing as a templar or a nightblade.

I play it on PC, and can’t be bothered to get next gen consoles.

I’m broke and can’t afford a next gen console, a better computer, or even the game to begin with.

I played during beta and free weekend… I am not impressed enough to play it. To me, it is low grade multiplayer game. Played every single TES game so far, this one is not special…

Poor Vaio…Don’t worry I can support nemo

Hasn’t this game been out for like a year?

No one wanted to buy monthly subscription and everyone considers the actual release to be the date when they said fuck it and put it as a ‘buy once’ game

Sorry I mentioned it I guess ???

iight son. I would groop with u but i saw elder scrulls dont even got a quikscope option! like wtf! where are the nukes and golden rifles?! dis gaem is dumb m8 you should buy [move]Barbie Play house: Advanced Warfare[/move]

how long did it take for you to type this? Very impressive

Dayum jim you have got me set, i just ordered it for pc m9

Good point. Maybe you should bring it up to the devs.
[move]Barbie Play house: Advanced Sarcasm[/move]

Guys don’t worry I got a friend from PS3 that I am going to play with and we will both be playing nightblades