Either fix broken segments of NVC or remove them.

NVC is a huge, nightmarish eyesore on the Dynmap and many w/e errors are apparent. These have been around for months and have not been touched.
Therefore, I’ve got a suggestion. Either have Vex or whoever builds there now fix the errors or remove the broken areas.
It’s a huge waste of land for city blocks that are stacked and mostly empty and it makes little sense to take up so much space with them.


Uh NVC isn’t that big and the “broken segments” you’re talking about I believe are just Dynmap glitches

I’m not referring to the many, many dynmap glitches. Actually fly there and look at the newer roads that have been made. Tons of them have errors or no intersections, or a single stacked building on the city block and then open air.
I’ll take a post some screenshots in the city to avoid confusion on this.

Let him do what he wants with his city, dynmap can easily be fixed with a render reload. It wouldn’t be fair for us to step into a city that’s none of ours and make decisions for it. I’m shutting this thread down because quite frankly it’s nobody’s business besides the owner as to what becomes of the city.